Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a sweet suprise!

So...in doing my daily blog hop the other night, I noticed Teresa had a nice blog award on hers! Of course she should have it, as she always says the nicest things to people, and makes fabulous stuff! Then I noticed, she was passing it to ME! HOW super sweet!!!!! So...here it is! My second award! I'm so proud! Does this mean I spend too much time blogging? LOL!!! I can't help myself! I just LOVE looking at everyones stuff and being inspired! I'd like to pass this award on to a few different people, one being a group of people.....the DT at 365 cards for always brightening my day with their awesome comments on my cards! Second, my friend Wendy, who always always leaves me the nicest comments, and well...she is just a great person! Karen Lee....who I don't know personally, but she also visits my blog often and leaves me super nice comments...thanks Karen! Janet....well...she just always always has the nicest things to say!!! And....of course, my BFF Lesley!!!
Thanks again Teresa for thinking of me! And pass it on ladies!


  1. Tracey...thank you for saying such nice things about me!!! I accept your award and I will pass it on!! Thank you!! I haven't been a very good friend lately, I have been so busy trying to catch up in my fav blogs.

    Thank you again friend!! You have a package on its way to you!!!

  2. You definately deserve it Tr! You always say the nicest things!!! WOO HOO TRACEY!!!

  3. Awwww, Tracey - that's so sweet! We are so glad that you consistently join us on our challenges!!


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