Monday, December 13, 2010

Cards from tags, Days 6 - 9

So Tim is done with the tags, but i'm still chugging along making them into cards!!! Here are my takes on day's 6, 7, 8 and 9!

my Day 6:

Tim's Day 6 tag:

my Day 7:

and Tim's Day 7 tag:

my day 8 card:

Tim's day 8 tag:

and this may be my grandma has given me all these fabulous old baubles and i never want to use them! I dug them out for this card....(i'll probably end up giving her this card!)
My day 9 card:

and..tim's day 9 tag:

only 2 more to go! i've royally screwed up #11 at this point, which is why i took a break to! thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Tags to Cards...Day 10's Tim tag just BLEW ME AWAY! I think it is my favorite by far!! And while I know mine isn't as fabulous at Tim's....I REALLY like how it turned out!!!!! I used a CTMH clear card instead of recycled packaging, as well....right now I dont' have any packaging on hand! Here is my card:

and Tim's 12 Tags, Day 10: is what my desk looks like since i haven't cleaned it up this week..haha!!! and this doesn't even show the little table off to the side that has even more on it!

i think i need to clean this up now so i can backtrack and work on the rest of the tags...not sure which one i'm gonna tackle first!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tags to's 1 and 4

So I finally went back and tackled day was just so complex looking and overwhelming!!! is my day 1:


and here is Tim's 12 tags, Day 1:

And here is my Day 4...which I also skipped...this has got to be the least favorite one I have done...Tim's looks amazing...mine...not so much lol:

and here is Tim's 12 tags, Day 4...much nicer than my humble attempt!!!

I hope I can get caught up soon, i've really fallen behind now!! thanks for stopping by ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cards from tags, Day 3 and 5

So i've been skipping around a bit here...doing the 'easier'!!! Here is mine from today:

and Tim's tag: (12 tags, day 5)

And here is my take on Day 3:

and Tim's tag that inspired it: (12 tags, day 3)

That's all I got now, i'm having fun doing them....making 3 or 4 of each, so i have some Christmas cards to mail out eventualy! thanks for stopping by ;)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cards from Tags....Day 2


Well...I did it, I really did it! I spent some time today crafting!
Every year when Tim Holtz does his tags, I want to play along. Sometimes I get a few of them done, but I never know what to do with the tags then. So I decided to adapt them into Christmas cards this year, (since I haven't barely made ANY Christmas cards!) Today, since I was feeling so down (see this post for more info) I decided it was time to start the healing process...and what better way than to make something. This is my adaptation of Tim's '12 tags of Christmas, Day 2'. His tag is below here:

Yes, I know mine isn't as fabulous, but I actually like how it turned out. I made 3 of this card, and well...I can add them to the very small pile of Christmas cards I have made now. Next, I will tackle his day one tag....that one is a bit more complex...I had to start small ;)
Thanks for reading my blog today ;)


I know I need to update my blog, but so much has been going on lately. Quick recap just so y'all know I'm still alive.
I had surgery on my arm on Nov 9. Had a 4 inch incision made at my elbow of my left arm on the underside. It still hurts and it is hindering my ability to be crafty! I did some stamping the other day and just to pressure of pressing the stamp down was painful :(.
Aside from much loss around me. It is just bringing me down, I know i am feeling sorry for myself, but this has just been a bad year for me. I feel like I've lost so much. Between people passing away and well...other personal losses, just a bad year. Just this morning, my Grandma passed away. Im 35 years old, and at the beginning of this year, i had all of my grandparents still living. I've always known i was lucky to have had them all with me for so long, but I've also known that one of these years I was gonna have a REALLY BAD YEAR. I guess this was it as I lost 2 of them this year. I've suffered a few other personal losses recently as well...not real good for the crafty mojo.
So anyways...I'm still alive, just feeling sorry for myself. And don't worry, my own self pity is plenty, I don't want anyone else to feel bad, just wanted to give an update of why my blog has been sitting here dormant for so long. I'm gonna make an attempt at doing SOMETHING crafty at some point. I haven't made my Christmas cards yet, that isn't good. Starting to wonder if I'd be better off just buying them this year, or not mailing any. I know Tim Holtz has started his 12 tags and that makes me feel like crafting...if only I could make myself sit and do it. Anyways., I hope everyone else out there is well and enjoying the holiday's. Im gonna try to turn my frown upside down and count the blessings that I do have, like my 2 beautiful girls and good friends and get outta this funk and return to the land of the living ;) Have a great day everyone!