Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Simply Scrapping.....

Evening scrappers! Nascar fans! I have news on both fronts tonight!!! First....I will talk about Simply Scrapping....it is a fairly new online forum, with shopping, and FABULOUS sketches! As I am broke, I have not done any shopping yet...BUT! I have fallen in LOVE with their sketches! They are super fabulous!!! I worked on one of them tonight actually! I am in crunch mode as I totally forgot I have a design team LO due for All About Scrapbooks....my LSS which I am on the design team for. The theme is all about SPRING! So..spring pics, spring colors.....you get the point! Since I work best with sketches, I went straight to Simply Scrapping! This is my adaptation of their newest sketch.....I think the store is going to be happy! I know I am! Don't mean to toot my own horn TOO loud, but I really love this! Thanks to the DT at Simply Scrapping for the sketch!
On another note....
In nascar news....and maybe I am WAY behind the times on this one...BUT! Got some exciting news last night....God help me....Michael is SINGLE! Well...accordiing to his facebook page at least.....could be wrong right? But...my sources tell me it is true! Why am I happy about this? As I am a married woman?? No idea! But it just makes me HAPPY! I should be upset and feel sorry for him...but instead I'm like...OMG...what if??? LOL.....BAD TRACEY!!! to even THINK thoughts like that! But seriously??? do u fault me??? Just makes the fantasy that much BETTER!!! We all fantasize right??? Sweet dreams to ME!!


  1. Beautiful page!! And congrats on Michael being single.......I guess (?).

  2. Nicely done!!! Cute pics also!!! I can't wait to get my CTMH things!! I am getting scared. I am starting to really like acylic stamps!!!

  3. You did such a wonderful job with this sketch Tracy! I love it. You rock!!


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