Saturday, March 7, 2009

Best Comments Award

My good friend Wendy over at Paper Therapy was nice enough to give me my first blog award! What a nice suprise this morning!!! Wendy....same thing you said on your blog....your projects make it super EASY to leave nice comments! They are fabulous!!! Now to spread the love to some more deserving gals....I hereby award this to the following 5 people:

Kristy: My corner of the studio

Jill: Is this my life really?

Lesley: Scrap-a-daisy

Tammy: momof2lilboys

Christy: ScrappinforJacey

I hope you ladies will all accept this award and pass it on!!! thanks to y'all for leaving me such nice comments on my work, and thanks Wendy for giving me this award!


  1. THANKS SO MUCH! My very first award! I made my post!

  2. You are welcome my friend!!!

  3. OMGosh Tr! I JUST saw this even though I've been to your blog a bunch LOL! Thanks so much!!!


Thanks for commenting! You have made me smile today!