Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a few....

LO's I have made recently! I have been a busy bee working on challenges lately! Some of these were for groups on cafemom, others for If the Shoe fits....scrap it! Just thought I would share them here today! (plus, it keeps me from cleaning!!!)

In nascar news.....I'd like to give a big shout out to KURT BUSCH! Keeping Hendrick out of victory lane for a 4th week....yay Kurt!!! Mikey finished 25th yesterday, which I must say is GREAT considering how much I heard him complaining about his car on his radio yesterday...all i can say is Bootie Barker is my HERO! How he keeps his cool with Mikey is beyond me, but he is the star of MWR right now as far as I am concerned. Love Mikey to death, but man! Bootie is the man!!! No race next week...I will probably go through withdrawals this weekend sometime....good thing there is an online crop scheduled in Crop n Chat on cafemom this weekend to keep me bu
Procrastination over...back to cleaning....ugh.....happy monday everyone!


  1. Those are wonderful LO's Tr!!! I feel ya! I'm ignoring the mess I can see out of the corner of my eye.

  2. FABULOUS as always! Seriously beautiful work T!!!


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