Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ode to Michael (waltrip!) i was watching Speed Channel usual right??? and yes everything was rained out, but one thing i DID manage to catch went to heart. They interviewed my Mikey, and he was talking about some fan who was like teh biggest Michael Waltrip fan ever! This guy aparently had Napa all over him but his hat was like all old and worn so Mikey, being his normal fab self gave him the hat off his head! (omg, would have fainted on the spot right?) got me to thinking......I in no way claim to be the BIGGEST Michael Waltrip fan ever.....oh no....I don't have a corn field with the Napa car carved into it or a tattoo with the #55 or Mikey's name (scared of needles here!!!, and no corn field! LOL!) BUT! I am a very devoted fan nonetheless!!! Lets look at some examples:

exhibit A: My most PRIZED possession! This is a shirt that i personally designed. I got tired of the fact that there is no quality merchandise for women, so i made my own and proudly wore it to talladega last lucky of me to get to actually MEET mikey while wearing it!!! because the shirt I designed didn't have the signature on it.......that was added by Mikey himself! My #1 fav moment!!!!!!!

exhibit B: My diecast collection. I'm not rich, so its not too big, but i love it! need some more 55's!

exhibit C: My seat cushion! it isn't that comfy, so it is on my wall for display!

exhibit D: My other tshirt colletion, my MWR shirt is the BEST!!! cause i am also a big dave reutimann and marcos ambrose fan....anyone working with mikey is ok in my book! and both of them are superior!

exhibit E: my hats! love them all! wear the crap out of them!!! and oh...check it out...yes, they are all signed , but the visor i was wearing when he signed it...something about he had to be careful when signing my shirt so i didnt 'slap him??? is he INSANE???? no way i would have slapped him! he could have well...nevermind...anyways....he signed my hat too...LOL!

exhibit F: my nascar hotties sign! mikey is front and center! the hottest of them all! right in front of me when crafting/blogging...yummo!

exhibit G: my poster....hubbie bought it for me actually...he supports my habit...LOL! do u think he would be supportive of a little.....(use your imagination!!!)

exhibit H: my this at richmond last year, and turned my neck GREEN!!! aaaackkkk!!! anyone know where I can get a better one??? i would LOVE to wear the #55 all the time!

exhibit I: my phone and soon as i foundn out i could get a 55 skin for my phone...well....i ordered it! yay!!! adn my keychain, is an old 15 one, but i hang on to it for posterity sake. i said....i am not the biggest fan, but i think i rank at least! top 5 maybe?? LOL! u tell me! what do u think??? mikey??? have i gotten you to at least take a peek yet???
**disclaimer: i'm not a stalker....really! just a fan/admirer/fantasizer....LOL!**


  1. ummm...stalk much! LOL!...just kidding! I know you are a TRUE fan! I know because I was there when he signed your shirt and had to fan you and see your face after the fact! PRICELESS!!!

  2. Tracey it is good to be passionate about something. If this is your thing, thats all that matters!! Keep it up! Maybe someday Mikey will invite you to one of those shows!!
    Have a super Sunday!

  3. You crack me up!! You are definitely a huge fan!!


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