Monday, December 31, 2012

i love u more!

 long time no blog ;)
 been a busy little bee working in the lab...had the week off last week and actually managed to get my house cleaned up, AND my craft area , so I was able to make this after work today (just in time to get it in for the unity sketch challenge for december ...which now that im' reading, i realize i didn't use a kit, so it doesn't count, but oh well...i tried ;) )
 this card is for my boyfriend, jon. it's actually pretty much the exact message we send each other back and forth on our phones every day, numerous times a day, so I made a card out of it!
 hope everyone has a happy new year! if i make it to midnight it will be a miracle! (zzzzzzz.....) thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chick Challenge!

Here is my entry for the ippity chicks challenge, #47! It was a sketch that I loosely interpretted ;) Click their link to check out the challenge for yourself! Thanks for visiting my blog, off to get crafty for a bit before this hurricane comes and possibly wreaks havoc on my saturday!

Pumpkin Picking!

Last weekend, we went to the pumpkin patch!!! First time at a new one here in Delaware, but it was alot of fun! Here is one of my most favorite photos from the day that I actually made a layout...haven't made one in sooo long!!! I used sketch #231 from Creative Scrappers....AND used my cute little Unity pumpkin stamp of the month, so i'm entering it in the monthly unity challenge ;)

Friday, October 19, 2012


SOOO.... I am officially a working mother! Started my job as an Associate Scientist for a very very reputable company here in Newark, Delaware..its HUGE! I never dreamed I would get a job this good so fast. I am truly blessed!!! I feel like the karma Gods are finally paying me some GOOD karma for once ;) And speaking of good personal life is doing well as well! Meet Jon, my boyfriend I met here in my new city. He is the BEST! Im so lucky he is in my life Untitled The kids are doing well too, adapting to daycare as best they can. We are all a bit snappy these days, the girls even grew devil horns ;) Untitled So for the first time in a while....after surviving week one of the 8-5 AND still caring for my children before and after work....I made a pitstop on the way home tonight.....fully stocked fridge of these bad upload (i think i earned them!) Before I go, gonna share a card I made this week, i literally worked on it a little here and not a great card, but its cute. I wanted to be able to participate in Unity's Friends with Flair....and time is so limited! I'd love to sit and craft tonight, but energy! maybe tomorrow.... is the card I made to share upload Thanks for visiting my blog....Im not off to relax for the rest of the night in front of the tv catching up on episodes of Supernatural! (gotta love netflix!!!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

last cards for WCMD!

upload last cards! this one is for the coloring challenge....also inspired by a certain foxy guy i just might know :) upload and this one is for the color challenge! and THAT completes all the WCMD challenges for unity...phew! I had fun ! now...i wanna get back to crafting on a more regular basis! lets hope the new job doesn't wear me out to the point where i don't have the energy!!!! thanks for looking at all my cards, to anyone who took the time!!!

Happy Fall

HappyFallTW Fall card challenge for the Unity WCMD challenges!!! Not happy with the photo, but well, one of these days i'll locate my camera andnot have to use my phone!!!

You color my world

YouColorMyWorld Yet another card for Unity's WCMD challenges....Im trying to finish them all still! this one is for the Stamp a Border challenge. I stamped a bunch of paint cans !!! I like how this one turned out actually, im on a rainbow kick lately it seems!!! thanks for looking!!! just a few more to go to finish all the challenges!

Unity Kit of the Month sketch challenge

Hello I made this for the Unity Kit of the Month sketch challenge. I used to be able to afford the before I decided to get a divorce I have a bunch on hand. I still subscribe to the stamp of the week though ;) AND...I haven't officially posted it yet, not sure what im waiting for....but....I just GOT A JOB! soooo.....starting next week, I will be back to earning my own paycheck and then if I have extra $$ i can afford to buy a few things here and there again (probably not, but it's a nice thought!) any-hoo....this is my entry for the kit of the month sketch challenge, and i actually really like this card, even though it is so simple!!!

Unity challenge: Pennants and Banners!

LiveEachMoment I made this card for the Unity challenge, featuring pennants and banners! I recently bought my very first distress stains and wanted to experiment...this is what I came up with. On another note....I am in love with Unity stamps...just sayin' :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

WCMD #4!!

upload wow, 4 cards in one day!!! this is for unity stamp company, challenge #4...the sketch challenge! this is my interpretation of their sketch...which can be found HERE! runnin' out of time, i MAY get another card or 2 done today, or not...not sure yet, but this has been fun for sure!


upload Another card...i know...I'm on a roll! this is for challenge #3 over at unity stamp co....challenge was to use embossing, so I embossed the image on this CAS card!


Wcmd #2 THis is challenge #2 for the unity stamp company WCMD use 2 different types of texture. I added twine and distress stickles on the sun. Not sure i Like this one as much, but, well, it is what it is I suppose!

World Card Making Day #1

Wcmd unity challenge #1 I decided to actually celebrate World Card Making day for once! Here is my card for Unity Stamp Company's challenge #1...create a shaped card! (now back to the craft table I go...)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Starting Over

I did it. I really did it. I have officially gone out on my own. It isn't going to be easy....but that's ok. Because the tough road I have ahead of me is a very small price to pay for my freedom. I know that at the end of the road....lies happiness.
This is my house, and when I say, my house, I mean..MY HOUSE. IMG_20120821_163507 It isn't big. It's rather small actually. I don't have have a garbage can even, have to walk my garbage to a dumpster. And take my mail to a public mailbox. And cell phone signal is terrible. And I don't know any of my neighbors. And I don't have much of a 'yard'. And I have to park on the other side of the building. And there is not alot of storage space, so I have to throw away ALOT of stuff. And there is no craft room, I will have to craft in my bedroom. But that's ok. Because it is all MINE. And I LOVE IT. My kids are sleeping on mattresses on the floor at the moment...but guess what? They are having a blast! Do they look unhappy?! IMG_20120818_231714 And we are eating at the counter in the kitchen....I think my kids like this idea....I bought some chairs from IKEA (my most favorite store ever!) This was our first meal together in the new house. IMG_20120819_182457 I think my most proud moment, was when I bought myself my own new bed. Well...mattress...and it too is on the floor for the moment. But that's ok. Because it is MY BED. ALL MINE! IMG_20120821_205623 I think I'll be ok. I called someone to help me find a job today, the kids saw their new school today....yep. We will survive. Im a survivor for sure! IMG_20120821_210049 Me. In my new kitchen. Happy. Thanks for reading my blog, I'd love a nice comment....for support, if ya don't mind. Im a bit teary eyed typing. This is HUGE.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

You Make Life Brighter!

Another card inspired by Moxie Fab World ;) This one is for the STamp it! cards week! for the Love Challenge; ) This is my take! I love this little Unity Stamp!!! And now I am off to create some more...recent events have truly inspired me!!! <3

Hooked on Hexagons!

I got these stamps in a Kit of the Month from Unity stamps recently, and how perfect for the 'Hooked on Hexagons' challenge at Moxie Fab World!!!!   So yeah...this is what I came up with....that's all I got for now! (more to on a roll!)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Missing Piece

Im on a roll! It is helpful having that giddy happy feeling inside that makes me want to make cute lovey stuff! Anways...I made this for CASE Study challenge #95. First time entering over there, I hope I did justice to the inspirational piece by Joy!  Anyways...thats all I got for now.....trying to get a few things done before I have to pack up my craft room to move. And for some reason, I was in the mood today! That hasn't happened in a while ;) Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger


  Is this 'man-tastic' enough? LOL! I made this for Moxie Fab World's Tuesday is the trigger photo

I was inspired by the color scheme....took a very simple approach . Of course, there are clouds....I am obsessed, I realize this!!! Anyways...this is my attempt at 'moxie fab-ness' ;)
thanks for visiting my blog today!

Monday, June 4, 2012

I am proud...

of myself!
and I wanted to blog about it. For YEARS...I have had the lowest self confidence in the world, and been so unhappy. no more! Last November, I decided to take control of my life, go to the gym and make a difference. Well...I can finally look in the mirror and! is that me?! When did this happen? Im very very proud of what I have accomplished. Granted, I'm not goal weight...yet. But, I think I have done pretty good! I'm going to share some old photos...and some new ones!
(sorry about captions messed up. try to hate the new blogger!)
september 14, 2009
 270151_2143872550871_7764330_n September 2011 311675_2095370904212_1243519492_32045480_342988692_n December 2011 IMAG1126 March 2012 (beginning of month) IMAG0129 March 2010 (end of month) DSCN0108 April 2012 (right before hysterectomy surgery) IMAG0728 i was TERRIFIED the surgery would hinder my progress!!!! back and good as i've ever been! BETTER even ;) I ran 3.7 miles this morning! wow right? just 6 weeks after major surgery! May 2012 ( that a bikini!) irealize i don't look perfect...but the fact that i can put this on and go to the beach? im proud ;) DSCF1402 May 2012 Untitled So yes....I am proud of my accomplishments! and I will continue until I reach my goal! Today, I was cleared by my doctor and told i'm 100% healed. My trainer warned me she is starting a new workout regimen tomorrow.....eeek!!! wish me luck! and thanks for visiting my blog, comments are welcome ;)

Monday, May 21, 2012

A few of my favorites...

Since I haven't been able to do much crafting lately, thought I'd share a few of my favorites !  These appeared in the March issue of Scrapbook News and Review Magazine. (speaking of which....a special double issue is out fresh TODAY! click here to check it out!) here are a few of my favorite projects from back in March....

ThingsILoveTW SongInMyHeartTW FlyTW
Hoping to get the energy to get back into my craft room real soon! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

oh no!

So, the other day, i got a new phone. And it is a google phone. So the phone synced all of my google stuff, including these odd albums that i had no idea how they got of which contained alot of photos from my blog. I was like...hmmm...why do i have these albums??? and....i deleted them. oops. yeah. apparently they were important. as now all my photos are missing on my sidebar!!! ugh....
Im going to put the ones back that i can find, but looks like all my rewards are gone :( all the challenges i've won over the years, I don't have all my badges anymore. oh well. and since i rarely have time to play along with challenges anymore....i probably won't be replacing them. anyways....ignore the ugliness until i can fix the mess i created. thanks!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time to Kill!

For anyone who doesn't know me personally, this past week, I had a hysterectomy....on Tuesday the 24th actually. I've been laid up in my bed since and am bored out of my mind! Running out of stuff to do, I decided to turn my favorite album onto my ipod and start blogging.  Now, I just popped 2 pain pills before I started writing, so keep in mind....this post MAY ramble or not make sense....but that's half the fun of it eh?
So what shall I talk about? I'm thinking....things that make me happy maybe...that sounds good ;)
1. Music! I'm a giant music junkie! I'd much rather listen to music than watch TV. I mentioned my favorite album that I'm listening to now....I recently discovered a new artist from the UK, named Ed Sheeran. His music BLOWS ME AWAY! I got very lucky over Easter and caught him live while visiting my dad in DC to....the boy can SING! If you haven't heard of him, look him up! I love every song!  This is one of my favs:

And as an added bonus for my readers...heehee...I got to MEET the talented Ed at that concert...talked to him for a bit, convinced him to sing me a few lines of his song 'Kiss Me'...and then, I proceeded to actually kiss him on the cheek before making my exit. I know....sometimes I act like a crazed lunatic ;) IMAG0613
  2. Clouds! I have a huge obsession with clouds! I just love them. I am constantly photographing them! And you will definetly find lots and ls of clouds on my crafty projects. I'm not sure what it is, they just intrigue me. Here is one of my many photos I've taken with my phone (my memory card is half full of cloud photos!)
 So how happy was I when this package arrived the other day, as I am laid up in my bed recovering.... IMAG0927
I was a tad bit upset that I hadn't received a single flower for my sister had brought me balloons from her and the kids, and a few cards straggled in slowly...but this box of books from my! Made me so happy. Now, I can read and learn about the clouds I love so much. And one of the books is a cloud collectors book...I can collect my clouds! SWEET!

3.  Nascar....and even more particularly....Brian Scott <3 my most favorite driver.  Watching Brian race every week jsut makes me happy. I was sad I missed Richmond this weekend due to being laid up in bed :(  My friend Melissa was nice enough to bring the track to me though...check out these 2 very special get well cards she delivered to me last night:
526751_162030497258460_100003545335964_206950_307027664_n This one was signed by a ton of people at the track...including Rusty and Kenny Wallace, a few nascar media members, and the track president even signed it! and this one here...well...y'all can guess who signed this one. and no...he didn't buy it...but he was nice enough to sign it for me! 579154_162022027259307_100003545335964_206938_404512383_n (let you in on another secret....on friday, while laying in bed all looped out on meds, i got a phone call from melissa at the track....and who did she put on the phone to wish me well? GUESS!)

4. well, at this point, it has taken me all day to make this post because those pills i popped this morning...i don't know if they were the special super powered pain pills or what, but they knocked me for a LOOP! I haven't been right all day.  I'm STILL feeling icky actually so I gotta wrap this up...maybe with a to be continued at a later date or something.....

I'll end by saying thankyou to those who have been here for me this past few days and have cared. It means alot to me!!! Times like this people certainly show their true colors and you learn who is there for you no matter what! and who sadly...isn't. I am blessed to have such good friends and family. I hope tomorrow is better, today truly has been AWFUL!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Place....

This card was inspired by Moxie Fab Worlds " the paper scraps challenge" which I'm entering this in. This was easy for me. I make EVERY card from my scrap bin! Just seems economical yes? Layouts come from full paper, cards....from the scraps!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Guard Your Heart...



( me-thinks this art journal page speaks for itself)
( I feel better

Sunday, March 25, 2012

the Notebook

I just watched this movie for the second time ever last night....yes...I'm a woman and I've only seen this movie TWICE! The first time I watched it, I didn't even get into it. I think I was in a different place back then. Lately, things have been different. I've been wearing my heart on my sleeve, and seeing things differently. So when I popped this movie back What a difference. It truly touched me. Alot! I'm very glad that I own it....because I will probably watch it a few more times in the near future. There is a specific scene that really spoke to me....hit home. Im sure anyone who has seen this knows it. I was looking for a graphic with a good representation of the quote, but I can't find one. I think I will put it into my artwork, give it a proper representation, one that I find perfect for it. The quote is the one where Noah is asking Allie to stay with him. She is ready to leave again....she wants him so badly, wants to stay with him, but is trying to please everyone else.

Noah says to her:
Would you stop thinking about what everyone wants? Stop thinking about what I want, what he wants, what your parents want. What do YOU want? What do you WANT?

YES! I think people overanalyze stuff sooo much all the time. Try to do the right thing for this and that and the other and dont' do what they really want to do. This is a problem I think. A big one. I think more people would be happy if they did what they really wanted to do.

I've had my sketch book out all day, writing and designing. Some stuff based on the movie, some based on other recent events. Hoping to make it to my craft table soon....easier said than done. Let me just say, sometimes it doesn't pay to wear your heart on your sleeve. I'm debating building a brick wall reinforced with steel for mine actually....we'll see...haven't started construction just yet....