Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Blog Candy WINNER!

yeah, yeah.......I know, I am WAY LATE on this!!! BUT.....i finally entered the number 61 into came up with # 46! Who was #46 you might ask????
the winner is.....
Lena, please email me with your address so I can get your prize out to you!!! Thanks to all who played!!!!
I won't be around much for a week or 2....leaving for talladega soon and am CRAZY BUSY preparing!!! Be back soon! and wish me luck that I can have an even better time than i did at my last race, which will be TOUGH TO TOP!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IMO: Driver Emotions in Nascar

**disclaimer: the following is all my small opinion, and who am I really? LOL!**
I was sitting and relaxing and reading tweets on twitter today, when an interesting topic came up. At first, it caught my interest because Denny Hamlin was involved....gotta read up on the Nascar hotness right? But, the more I thought about the actual topic of 'driver emotion', the more I realized that this topic has had a HUGE effect on the sport over the last several years. How? is what I think....
I think Nascar has gotten boring lately. I love love love watching races, but lately, the cup races have been boring! I am more glued to my TV during the truck and nationwide races. Now yes, I do think that the COT has alot to do with the 'boringness' of the cup races, but the more I think about it, lack of driver emotion is a contributing factor.
A few years ago, I used to feel strongly about a few drivers. I hated Jeff Gordon, thougth he was whiney, and Kurt Busch, well, I thought he was the biggest ASS out there! Kurt Busch was a highly emotional agressive driver who woudl bump anyone out of his way to win. I hated him for it, but damn was it exciting! Remember when Jimmie Spencer punched him after the race? How was THAT for excitement! So, as much as I hated Kurt, I couldn't WAIT to see what he would do next! It made it exciting! These days, Kurt seems to be quiet and politically correct.....blah. boring. And Jeff Gordon, who always seemed to be complaining about someone or something, I haven't heard much of that either. I like Jeff now, but wish he woudl whine some more....LOL!
Oh, and who remembers the race (it was either sonoma, or teh glen, can't remember!) where juan pablo and kevin harvick actually got OUT OF THEIR CARS after wrecking and got in each others! That was powerful! LOVED IT! And you know what? I had picked Juan Pablo in my fantasy league that week, and by him getting out and doing what he did, well, that pretty much killed my points for the week.....but who cares! It made for a great exciting race! They were angry and well...they showed it! Good for them! I looked forward to that rivalry in races following that one.
And lets talk about Mark Martin. Man. I used to despise him! Thougth he may have been teh whiniest driver of all! How many times woudl he get out of his car after being wrecked and start pointing fingers. Used to piss me off! I couldn't stand him! Turns out...well...he was showing how he felt, and being honest and putting it out there. Now, all he does is smiles and is happy all the time. Everyone seems to like this. Me? I want the old whiney Mark was more fun for me to get riled up at him whining.
So I guess now we have Kyle Busch....just about the only driver out there showing some emotion. As much as everyone seems to hate him, I like it! Kyle is about the only driver out there being REAL. He is showing who he is, and how he feels, and it is GREAT! No, I am not a Kyle Busch fan, I am just not one of the haters! He is the real deal and isn't afraid to show it. But he is only 1 of 43 drivers out there. Now earlier this year, I saw some true raw emotion out of Denny Hamlin, brought me to tears myself. When he won at Pocono, and was all choked up in Victory Lane. I felt horrible for his loss, but was glad to see him not holding back, that was one of the most emotional Victory Lane's I had seen....even under dire circumstances. I missed taht race, only got home in time to see the last few laps.....but was glad I saw what I did that day.
So I guess what i am saying in all my randomness ( i don't claime to be a writer, i actually sucked ass at english in school!) is that i wish drivers would forget politically correct and tell us how they really feel! When they start whining and pointing fingers and taking out their agressions, it makes for better racing I think. Put it out there! Show us how you really feel! Maybe don't go punch each other in the faces, but show some emotion! I personally love seeing it! Even if it makes me dislike you ,well, it made me more interested and want to see more, which is important rigth? Im a fan and shouldn't be so bored that my eyes wonder away from teh tv....what if I turned the tv off altogether? or never even tuned in to the race?? If enough of people like me did that, where would the sport be?
So there you have it, my opinion of driver emotion. Just my opinion, in really bad writing and english.....please don't correct my english, that will just anger me, and then I may show emotion! LOL! But all comments on content are welcome! Thanks for reading!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Sketchy Thursday!

YES! I have done another of the fabulous sketches at Sketchy Thursday!!! I even expanded it and made a 2 pager! I design for my local scrapbook store, and my project for November is a Layout featuring family and thankfullness....and they like 2 page layouts, so...that is what I did! First lets look at the sketch from sketchy thursdays....

here is the page that corresponds with the sketch! I loved this sketch!!!!! I used my Websters's Pages I got from All About Scrapbooks to do this..

Now here is the actual first page of the Layout:

And here it is all together!

I'm not good at doing 2 pagers, so I hope it looks ok! I guess it better as it will be on display in the store for the month of November!!! Thanks to Sketchy Thursday's for teh fabulous sketch and inspiration!!! And thanks for stopping by everyone!
Before I leave....i have been seriously missing my favorite truck driver, Brian Scott! No truck race for the past few weeks! This is the last pic I have of him from my good friend Sammie from Our Racing Dream! Yes, Sammie is my own personal 'stalker', stalking poor unsuspecting Brian for my viewing pleasure....LOL!!! Thanks Sammie, appreciate it!!! and congrats to Sammie for recently entering the world of wedded bliss!!! I'm lookin' forward to seeing more of Brian at Martinsville! And then in person (crosses fingers!) at DEGA! 11 days til I will be camping at DEGA BABY!

Thanks again for stopping by!!! Remember to stop by later this week for my blog candy winner!!!! Have a great week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Who's got a sweet tooth?

Well, I promised yesterday I had something to give away, and it may be a day late, but better late than never right? So how do you win this candy??? Easy Peasy! If you are already a follower on my blog, you are automatically entered! Become a follower and you get an entry! Leave a comment here, get another entry! So...1 entry for being/becoming a follower, 1 entry for leaving a comment. Oh wait....but there is an opportunity for one more BONUS entry! Link a picture of my candy to your blog on your sidebar, and get a THIRD entry!!! 3 chances to win! Deadline to enter is October 18th at midnight! I will draw a winner on October 19th. And no worries, I will ship internationally!
Details of the candy:
Tim Holtz Mask, ransom
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an assortment of Crafty Secrets Images and Journal Notes

Thanks for checking out my candy, and good luck! Now off to resume my cardmaking I missed out on yesterday!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Stamps and Smiles is having a BLOG HOP!

I am so excited to go BLOG HOPPING tomorrow night! Stamps and Smiles is hosting a blog hop in anticipation of their new stamp release! I told myself I would do all 4 challenges....sadly, I only got 2 done. *sigh*...! I think the 2 I did are good though! I did the 3rd and 4th sketch challenges....and here they are!
This first one is the 4th challenge...

And this is the 3rd challenge from this week:

Be sure to go to Stamps and Smiles Friday night at 10pm ET for the BLOG HOP! What else is there to do on a Friday night? LOL!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sketch Thursday's Second Chance...

Well, my interpretation of this challenge MAY be a stretch....but it is what it is right? The gals over at sketchy thursday have a 'second chance' challenge. There is a sketch (pictured below!) and a theme. The theme this time was to let candy inspire you. I think it was meant to be Halloween candy....but well, I went a different way! In my defense, I did use Halloween paper and candy as embellishments...and my page IS YUMMY! ( to me at! )

Here is the sketchy I used! Gotta love those Sketchy Thursday sketches!!!

Thanks for stopping by today! And hope my interpretations qualifies for the! And remember to check out my CANDY!!! it TOO is yummy!!!

World Card Making WEEKEND!

So, I'm feeling much better today thankfully!!! And the cardmaking has resumed! I'm still working on making card samples for our CTMH cardmaking event, and this is another one I am tinkering with....I may still tweak it a bit, but this is the general idea of it....Now I am off to make more!!! Be sure to check out my CANDY!!!! You don't want to miss out!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

what are the odd?

that on world cardmaking day i would get sick? i am really really sick now....just came down to type this up to apologize! i am resting up and trying desparatly to feel better....if it doesn't happen today, well, i will resume tomorrow! I do have some fun stuff to give away can't do it right now, can't do much at all! going back to rest, and hopefully will make it back before WCMD is over!

World Cardmaking Day! (take 1!)

So turns out, today is World Cardmaking Day! Who knew eh? The reason I am behind the times on this is that normally, I would be at Talladega this weekend drooling over Michael Waltrip, and partying my ass off! I have done this for the past like 5 yrs, so....I always seem to miss this major holiday! WEll...Talladega realized this, and decided to move the race to the end of October instead, so here I am with a major cardmaking holiday that I nearly missed! What to do....but make cards!!! Before I go on, I must mention that most of the design team over at If the Shoe fits....SCRAP IT! is celebrating sure to go there for a list of links to all of our never know what you might find! Some of us have a sweet tooth for CANDY! And now, onto phase one of my cardmaking frenzy of World Cardmaking Day! Here are 2 cards I made to kick off the occasion! The first one is for my very special niece Makayla on her 3rd birthday...happy birthday Makayla!!! Wish I could be there!!! And the second one is a random Christmas card as I play around with my new CTMH stamps deciding what I am going to make for our Christmas cardmaking event in 2 weeks!

Thanks for stoppingn by NOW...but be sure to stay tuned as I am one that DOES have a sweet tooth and I can pretty much promise you there will be some candy before teh day's end! Y'all come now y'hear!