Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Weekend Coming Up!!

OH WOW.....this is a huge weekend for me!!! A group of me and 4 friends have been working on a group blog for a while now..... If the shoe fits...Scrap it!!! is due to launch tomorrow morning! I am so excited and nervous all at the same time! We have put so much work into it..I would be disappointed if it flopped! Come check us out tomorrow..we will be having a week full of challenges, with PRIZES!! oooohhh!!! ahhhhhh!!! prizes!!!!! My personal challenge is Monday...and i am freaking OUT!! For a hint at what my prize is going to be.... (click me!)
now that THAT is out of the way....HUGE shoutout to my MIKEY today!! Qualified 15th! (click racecar for official article) What an excellent start to the season for the Napa Toyota, for ALL of MWR actually! If this any indicator of how the whole season is going to go...well...guess I will be on the edge of my seat every weekend! It is great to hear Mikey on his radio talking positively every week! He and Bootie Barker seem to have a great relationship and that makes all the difference. Eagerly anticipating another great weekend for MWR....Go MIKEY!! You have made me proud!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

66 days....

til richmond!!! oh yeah...that is right...bought my tickets today to the crown royal 400 on May 2! Spectacular! I can't wait! And.....this may sound crazy....but we are taking the kids! Yes...Alexis and Caitlyn will be attending their very first race in 66 days. It is my husbands dad's birthday that day, so we are taking the grandparents too! And of course, Buddy and friend will be joining us. I will be counting down the days til i get to take in the view of the track again, and smell the exhaust as the cars race by... The anticipation is the worst part! Will mine and Mikey's paths cross again at Richmond? Or will I have to wait til talladega? The not knowing is the WORST!!!!! Either way...i have my ticket and I'm ready to go to the races!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hubby's Birthday Card! i may not have my background the way i want it...but i can still post!! Today is my husbands birthday, and he is on duty!! (navy!) Poor thing! So....yes..i procrastinated and waited til today to make his card.....
I recently received several AWESOME gifts from some great friends of mine...and well...i used them to make this card! My friend Adina recently sent me Winobella, which i wanted for sooooo long!!! Bellas are one of my FAV things! Especially if they have wine on them..... other super awesome friend Jill send me this mat stack from DCWV. I had never used one before, i kind of thought...what is the point of buying just the mat stack, when i am a 12X12 scrapper???? BUT! then i realized....CARDMAKING!!! This is PERFECT for cardmaking!!! It is the Garden Party mat stack, and I am now in LOVE!!! I am sensing a new addiction coming on...

Anyways.....this is the card...happy birthday honey!!! sorry you can't have this til tomorrow!


welcome racefans and scrappers!!! this is where the 2 worlds of scrapbooking and nascar collide into one. sound odd??? well...i guess it is a little, but since these are my two favorite things..this is what MY blog is about! for now...we are under red flag conditions while i figure out how to navigate this track.....stay tuned for green flag blogging in the weeks to come!