Friday, October 7, 2011

What Women Want

After spending the past oh...12 years of my life with a man who has NOT given me what I want, and other recent events....I've been inspired to write about what we DO want. Granted this just one broken girl's opinion, but I can't imagine many women would disagree with most of this. So here you go....this (in my opinion) is what women want from a man.

- in the morning, there is no better way to start the day than a nice 'good morning beautiful'...or something else along these lines. Something THIS simple will ensure that your lady will start her day off with a smile.
- if you are gone to work or elsewhere all day (for 6+ hours away from her) CHECK IN! can be a simple text message, or phone call, whatever...just to let her know you remember she exists. I spent 12 years in a marriage where I NEVER got a phone call or text all day. It's not hard to do...will just take a minute.
-buy her gifts just because. These are the ones that matter the most. Doesnt' have to be anything huge, just something small to show her she is special to you.
- flowers. most women like flowers.BUT not all women like roses! Why do all men go with the standard 'dozen roses'?? find out what your woman's FAVORITE flower is. I bet if you gave her a SINGLE STEM of her FAVORITE flower, it would mean so much more than any giant amount of something that she doesn't care for as much. My favorite is purple or blue irises. I don't think he knew this the whole time.
-While your at it with her favorite flower, find out her other favorite things as well. Let's talk color here. One time, and this was YEARS ago...he actually bought me a gift. Bought me a robe. It was powder blue. I was happy he bought me something actually. Then he opens his big mouth. "they had it in red or blue..." SERIOUSLY?? my FAVORITE COLOR IS RED! I would have really been blown away by the red one...ugh...yeah guys this stuff matters.
-Foods...can you cook? Even something basic. Cook for her every once in a while. Why should she have to do it all? I cook EVERYTHING. Probably years ago maybe he tried every once in a while to cook for me, so i'll give him that. BUT...he has no idea my likes in food! I remember once he hands me a plate of french toast covered in cinnamon. I dont' like cinnamon on my french toast, never have, never will. Had he ever paid attention, he would have known that. IMPORTANT! pay attention to details like this! And if you don't KNOW for sure, don't do it. Do your homework!
-Suprises...suprises are nice. I wouldnt' know just how nice since I dont' know that I've ever been suprised. I always dream of being suprised though...
-take her out. dinner, a movie, dancing, a walk on the beach...whatever. just go out.dont' sit at home all the time. If she is totally enamoured by you...she wants to take you out and show you off ;)
-lets talk social media. since we all know we live in the age of facebook and twitter. Are you on facebook?? I used to leave special songs and stuff on his wall for him, to make him know and the rest of the world know how I felt. Never once did I get anything back. This is important. When we are in love, or maybe just the early stages even of meeting someone new that we are all wrapped up in, we do want the world to know. Leave her a nice note, or picture, or song, whatever, on her wall. Where everyone can see it. This sounds dumb...but it will make her smile from ear to ear, I promise ;) I am a woman,I know it would make my day...we like to show off guys! TRUST ME!

I think that covers alot of bases. I hope this is helpful to everyone. it.Study it. Do it! Nothing on here is hard to do! Women...if you agree with this, please share this with your men, give them a *hint hint!* Feel free to pass this around, I'd love to help educate everyone on just a few simple things that make the world a happier place. Let's face it...if a woman is happy well, everyone is happy right?!

Please leave me a comment letting me know how you feel about this post. The good, the bad and the ugly. Or if there is something you'd like me to add, there is always room for edits!