Friday, February 24, 2012

SHE-art...attempt #1!

So I recently decided I wanted to start an art journal....I happened upon a journal at Michaels that I thought would be perfect, so I bought it! Just a little bit ago....I finished my first page! I had seen this 'She-art' thing a while ago, and wasn't sure what it was. curiosity turned into a desire to learn! The way I learn new things is to look at examples and try and figure it! After perusing the internet for a while...the first thing I did was make a rough sketch on a piece of scratch paper, just to see if I was even capable of DRAWING a my suprise, my very first drawing....not too bad!


So I took this idea, and translated it into ART! (to the best of my abilities that is....) Here is my very first attempt at 'she-art'. No, it is not on a is in an art journal. And no, it is not as extravagant as the ones I saw online elsewhere. is MINE! I'm sure next time I will play a little more with different ideas....this one was just my first attempt. What do you think?




So now I want to make more!!! I am happy with how this page turned out...but yeah....I'm anxious to jump in and make more for sure! Maybe next time I won't make her head so! Thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

so it's Valentines Day.....

....and it started off GREAT! I was flying high! Thinking....this is a GREAT DAY! I went to the gym, did over an hour of cardio, burned a gazillion calories (thinking of that Italian Mac and Cheese I was gonna make for dinner....LOL)....even went and bought flowers for myself
(pretty eh??? i actually had a dream that I should have a dozen red and a dozen that is what I bought! they smell AMAZING!)
So I get home, put them in water, throw in a load of laundry, and decide to take some time to myself and sit down at my craft table. And then I found it. The letter. Long story short, it made me feel awful. Then, it got worse. and worse. To the point I was highly tempted to dip into the case of beer in the fridge. Then I remembered.....wait! I have xanax! Much less calories! So here I sit in my xanax induced state trying to feel better and reflect on everything.
I did manage to create something today....all I could think of all day were my friends, I wanted so badly for all of them to have a better day than I was having. Thought, if just one of them could call me and tell me about some fabulous romantic thing that happened to them, it would make it all better for me. So I made a friend card today, found a sketch on Waltzing Mouse Sketch Challenge Blog, and went to I could in my state. LOL.

So yeah...that was my Valentine's Day. It is what it is right? Better days are coming....I just have to keep reminding myself. It is just very difficult now.