Saturday, May 30, 2009

got my mojo back! ( i think!)

My head is apparently STILL in the clouds...BUT I have managed to learn to scrap with it up there!!! I have 2 LO's here to share, for 2 different challenges. Both of them are dear to me though! The first one if for my new gig, Simply Scrapping! Judy came out with some new rockin' sketches this week, be sure to stop by to check them out! I made this LO using pics from my recent trip to 'heaven'! I just LOVED these pics so much, I had to scrap them!

This next one is for a new blog I recently discovered, well, kristy told me about it actually...called "a year in the life of art journal". Essentially, it is prompting you to make a artistic 'book' about you! So, I started with 'a' which was the word 'action' . Here is what I came up with:

Thanks for stopping by! I'm hoping to be competely out of my 'funk' so I can get even more accomplished!!!!!!!!! Will be watching the race at Dover tomorrow.....and scrapping hopefully...Go MIKEY!!!!!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Father's Day Mini Album

Finally! It is done! I am part of a design team for a local store here in Virginia, All About Scrapbooks. I was assigned to make a mini album, masculine themed, for display in June. MASCULINE! I have girls! This was NOT easy for me! I decided to use a chipboard 'Father' album and make a gift for my girls to give to their daddy on father's day. I don't know why this felt like work to me, but it did! I just wasn't as into it as normal! is DONE! It isn't as fancy and cluttered as I normally make things, but I think it fits the masculine theme, neat and clean right? So, here it is! Thanks for looking! And if you are local to Chesapeake, VA, stop by All About Scrapbooks and see it in person during the month of June!

Coming home from heaven...

.....hasn't been easy for me! For some reason I have just been like.....blah lately! I can't seem to focus on anything it seems! My house is a mess, my scraproom is a mess, and I just haven't been motivated to fix any of it. Well...I take that back, I have been cleaning up the mess in the rest of the house, just not my scrappy mess. I have been working on a mini album of the store I design for, All About Scrapbooks, but that even feels like 'work'. I just can't seem to get in the mood! I feel bad to have been neglecting my own little blog here , so I just thought I would drop in and say, I'm working on it! I really really want to get out of this funk, but it is hard! Is it from my trip? Is my head still up in the blue and gold clouds?? Maybe it is, but I am trying to get down! Back to reality!!! Soon I will have my mini album done at least and will post that, I kind of HAVE to as it is due in like 3 days! Hope to be scrappin again soon!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My trip to heaven

Not sure why it has taken me so long to get this post up, I think I am still kind of suffering from withdrawals or something! goes! I have included my fav photos from my time with Mikey for y'all to share my excitement! Also, keep in mind, I had no food this day to ensure I couldn't get too sick to my stomach! AND...I totally used my kids as much as I could!

This first picture is when Michael first came out, before the public autograph signing, he randomly came over where we were. I am pretty sure he came over to say hi to Kathy and Cathy, which SO JEALOUS! He hugged them! I am way to shy to go there, I probably should have, but I didn't......instead, I handed Alexis a photo to give him to sign! Here he is making a silly face at her and getting ready to sign it for her (really for me!)

Now here, is where I actually gave him the infamous 'Nascar Hotties' poster to sign. Can u believe it? He didnt' even LOOK at it! He just signed it! So here I was all embarrassed about it, and he never even saw what it said! Silly ME!!!!! But is signed now by my number 1 favorite nascar hottie! YAY!!!

Here is when the public autograph session was about to begin. Mikey was sitting there waiting, and well....I just watched.....for some reason, and this is so sad, I just couldn't pull myself away. I felt like I had to stand there and watch him for the whole time....and i DID!

While we stood watching Michael sign autographs, the lucky dog came around! Alexis was so excited! How CUTE is this picture? This is one of my fav moments of the day.

Caitlyn wasn't so excited about hugging lucky! Poor lucky, he laid down and cried because Caitlyn wouldn't say hi and give him a hug! So mommy had to hug him first to show her, and then we managed to get a group pic with him....gotta love the lucky dog!

OK.....I LOVE this picture too....check out the smile on Michaels face. He woudl periodically look up and smile if he saw one of us holding a camera up. Well....this smile I am pretty sure was for me...unfortunately, my camera was NOT cooperating, so I caught the tail end of it....still was SWEET!

They did provide us lunch there at nice right? My kids enjoyed their pizza on the floor, yes, they laid on the floor! That is because mommy just couldn't pull herself away from drooling over Michael...pathetic, I know.....

So here is a picture I took of Michael during the private Walnutz event, Michael did a Q &A session with us for a good hour, I just took it all in, and snapped like a million pictures, here is one of them...seriously I have a TON!!!

So then, after teh Q&A, we went and took a group Walnutz photo, and they presented Michael with his 'head nut' tshirt! If we are all the nutz, he is definetly our head nut! I am proud to be one of his nutz!!!

Lastly, this is the REAL picture of me and Mikey, yes, my kids were in horrid that i cropped them out for a closeup of me and him.....I just can't help myself! I know I have a goofy look on my face, but I was just so nervous! It was so intense! Shocked that I even got up the nerve to ASK for the pic! But I did, and this is what I got, so until next time, this is it!!!!!!!!

Now you woudl think this picture is the best of the best right? And it is since it is like, tangible evidence, I REALLY got to meet Michael, and be THAT close to him (gives me chills just imagining it....) BUT...the dialogue between him and Alexis is even BETTER. I had made a card for Michael before I left. And of course, I was too shy to give it to him, so I decided to use my kids AGAIN. I gave it to Alexis and told her to go give it to Mikey. She did! She ran right up and gave it to him! Here is the dialogue, as I remember it:
MW: thankyou! and what is your name?
Alexis: ALEXIS!
MW: and is this your sister caitlyn?
Alexis: yeah.....and THAT'S MY MOMMY! (pointing at me!)
MW: and she is a very beautiful mommy! is where I about lost my cookies.....suprisingly, I maintained composure. This was FABULOUS! Kept me going to the rest of the day.....which is good since I had to drive home for 5 hours! Of course the whole time all I kept thinking was, do u think he really meant it? Or was he jsut being nice??? I will just pretend that he really meant it, it meant so much to me!!!
My time at MWR was one of the best days EVER!!! I will always remember taht day, so glad my kids were there to share it with me!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sneek peek....

this is all i have time for tonight....sigh......but WOW....what a trip!!! details to come tomorrow!!! off to dreamland....oh wait....i just LEFT dreamland..LOL!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

my BIG news!!!

yes....i am ready to SPILL the BEANS! OK...i probably let it slip to most of you, but, it is time to declare my JOY of where I am leaving for tomorrow! I just can't contain myself!!! Tomorrow....I am taking my kids, and driving 5 hours to Cornelius, NC to go to Michael Waltrip Raceworld! I know....typical of me right? And anyone can go there right??? Well....I have been invited to a special fan event for people like me who are completely insanely NUTZ over Michael Waltrip! And we all know I am insanely obsessed right? (remember my 'ode to michael waltrip?? wonder if he ever read that......hmmm....) Me and my kids get to go and actually meet him! AND we were INVITED! It can't be considered stalking if I was invited right??? LOL!!! I am just so super excited about this, I can barely focus on ANYTHING! I can't even figure out what I need to take with me! I do know I have to take teh famous Nascar Hotties poster....I can't believe I am going to get teh 2nd signature on it so quickly! I had to touch it up a bit...the rain in Richmond kind of distorted some of it. But Michael is my #1 nascar hottie! I am a little scared to let him see teh poster, but it has to be done...he must sign it! What else do I take? I want to make him a special card taht I actually get to hand deliver, but am too scatterbrained! that is my big news....leaving tomorrow, the event is on Wednesday, then headed right home afterwards...seems like alot of driving for such a short event, but will be WORTH IT! Got to go charge my camera battery now.....
Stay tuned for my most fabulous post EVER on thursday when I return! with pictures!!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

BLINGY! super sketchy sunday!!!

So today I decided to combine 2 challenges into one fab card! HAVE to check out this challenge on If the shoe fits...SCRAP IT! The fabulous Miss Adina posted the most fabulous BLING challenge ever! The best part of it is the tutorial will teach you how to make your own CHEAP blingy embellishments!!! It is a MUST SEE!!!
So then I decided to use this awesome bling technique on the new fabulous sketch on 365 today. I loved the sketch so much! This is the sketch I used, and it just worked perfectly!!!!!

Once sure to check out my articles on! AND.....I have some even BIGGER news I will be blogging about tomorrow!!! Leaving for a FABULOUS trip on tuesday....stay tuned for all the details!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

365: Make a note of it!

I made this card for day 77 at 365 cards...make a note of it! The challenge was to use a notebook paper on your card! I have one of those fiskars border punches that is well...notepaper, so..worked out well for me! I also tried another semi-new product today. I bought some silk flowers from Michaels, and well...cut them off and used it on my card! SO MUCH CHEAPER than the primas, and other scrapbooking flowers...and I think they look ok!

Be sure to check out my newest article for the I featured my newest endeavor, Simply Scrapping! I think it is worth a look! Have a great weekend everyone!

Norfolk Scrapbooking Examiner: Online scrapbooking community bringing local scrapbookers together

Norfolk Scrapbooking Examiner: Online scrapbooking community bringing local scrapbookers together

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Friday, May 15, 2009

oodles of cards!!!

WOW have I been a cardmaking fool!!!!!! 4 cards in like 24 hours!!! All 4 for challenges on 365 cards (which i am SO SORRY i have been neglecting!!!) and 1 of them double dips with my new gig....DT for Simply Scrapping!!!

This first card is for a few things actually....on If the Shoe Fits..SCRAP IT! fellow fab DT member posted a tutorial on alcohol inks! CLICK ME for tutorial that is VERY informative! ( MAY have to join the community...but it is a GREAT community..worth it!) Anyway....I decided to do some tinkering with alcohol inks and also do 365's day 74: handwritten sentiment with this...and here is the outcome!

This card is strictly for 72, musical monday! i absolutely LOVE this Crafty Secrets Set I got from D&A Scrapbooks! It was PERFECT for this challenge!!!

Now this card, I just don't know if I am in love with it....but it was for 365's Day 71..super sketchy sunday....i like it...but dont' really love it...LOL!

Last but not this fab card that i DO LOVE! it is for a card sketch on Simply Scrapping (again...join the community!) and 365 day 73, tuesdays trio (scallops, circles, bling!) I hope the pearl brads count as bling!!!

Ok...hope you enjoyed my cards today!!!!! On another sure to check me out on the examiner!!!! I am LOVING being able to write about what I LOVE!!!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

my first article!!!

Just wanted to pop in today to share some awesome news! I was picked by to be the Norfolk Scrapbooking Examiner! SO........I get to write articles about scrapbooking in the Norfolk area! Today....i wrote my very first article! It is about Bella Stamps here in Norfolk....and yes, I know....most of you don't live here..BUT I am very proud of this and would love for everyone to check it out! And if you DO know someone local to my area, let them know about this! I will be full of information!!! Thanks! CLICK ME FOR ARTICLE!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

3 birds, one stone!

Yes....I killed 3 birds with one stone....figuratively of course...with this card! First, it was made for the Basic Grey Challenge Blog....Challenge 34 Antheas Sketch. I used Basic Grey Offbeat for this card. Here is a pic of the sketch:

Second, over at Cupcake Craft, challenge #39 was to make a card for a man or boy! I chose to make a card for my brother in law, who'se birthday is in about a week! The basic grey offbeat was perfect for this!
Last....the challenge at 2RedBananas was called 'glitter me silly'! I've got lots of glitter on the icing of the cupcake! I tried to take a closeup, but for some reason, camera was NOT cooperating! I think you can tell it is glittered though! Oh....and if you like the cupcake, it is Close to my Heart Cupcake Sprinkles set!!!
Thanks for stopping by today!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some New Layouts....

I have a few new Layouts to share today! This first one is for our fabulous blog If the Shoe Fits....SCRAP IT! There is a GREAT challenge over there right now that you HAVE to check out! It involves scraplifting elements off of 5 different projects and making it your own!!! Here is my LO I made for this challenge!

Next are 2 LO's for this weeks sketch bundle at Simply Scrapping. Be sure to check out their sketches...they ROCK!!! Here are my 2:

My LO:


My LO:

Thanks for stopping by!!! and.....a little heads up here....I hit 3000 hits on my blog this weekend.....i think a little blog candy may be on the way!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Just want to share the cards I sent to my 3 moms this week! (my mom, MIL, and stepmom!) Now I am getting ready to kick back, relax and do an all day scrappy spree starting as soon as I finish this's my day right? Hope y'all are doing something YOU want to do as well!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stamps and Smiles All Around!

During my Blog-hoppingn today, I stumbled upon something FUN at Stamps and Smiles! They are having a New Release party week, and had 4 sketches posted this week! I"m pretty sure they are having a blog-hop tomorrow as be perfectly honest...I have NO IDEA how a blog hop works, but I am going to post the little picture thingy on my blog in support! LOL! Anyways.....I decided I was going to make all 4 sketches today, and took me oh....9 hours or so, but, I am done!!! So here they are!!!!!

And, my take on it! I used NEW Close To My Heart May Stamp of the Month on this one......LOVE this set!!!

My take on this one....Yet another brand new Close To My Heart Set, True Happiness....if you like trees and clouds...this is MUST HAVE!

For this one, I used the totally FAB Tickled Pink special pack from Close To My Heart....this is a FREE set with purchase....totally worth it!!! The paper and stamps all came with the set, along with lots of other goodies I haven't used yet!!!

This one I used a new set I got when visiting my SIL in WV...and Close To My Heart Whoops-a-Daisy Paper...LOVE the colors in this set!!! oh so pretty!! and girlie!!

thanks again to the gals at stamps and smiles for giving me something fun and scrappy to do today!!! this is just the beginning of my 'weekend o' scrap'. Since it is mothers day and all...i took it upon myself to declare it scrappy time!!!
now....i can't leave out my BIG news.....
I am going to Michael Waltrip Raceworld in a little under 2 weeks! WOOT WOOT!!! I am so stoked about this! They are having Fan Appreciation Day, and yes! I am a fan! And am HAPPY to be appreciated!!! I have a few bonus perks in my itinerary, and will share more of them when I get tight and wait for some FABULOUS pictures to come sometime after May 20th.
One more thing....found out a fellow scrappy blogger Vickielynn is also a fan....these are for you Vickie!! enjoy!!!