Sunday, March 1, 2009

Has it really been THAT long.....

.....since i made it to the bottom of the laundy hamper????? APPARENTLY!!! LMAO here!!!
so i decided i would stay up super late tonight and clean my house while kids are interruptions, noone to mess up a room as soon as i finish. I am starting my 2nd load of laundry here a little after 12:30 am when i discover a suprise......there is a TON of stuff in the bottom of the hamper, that AREN'T CLOTHES! Stuff that has been MIA for quite a while!!! Alexis' shoe has been missing for a LONG time! But there it is at the bottom of the hamper! Along with the 2 controllers to the Vsmile, a book, a few pictures from my bookshelf, PRINCESS DORA(can't believe Alexis hasn't been freaking about that one!), and other random toys. HOLY CRAP! Am I seriously THAT delinquent on the laundry??? I'm shocked...seriously. What the heck have I been doing??? Good thing I finally got to it right? No telling how long those things could have been down there....phew! they are rescued! Now i better get my BUTT back to the cleaning so I can watch the RACE tomorrow....(technically later today i mean) and do some quality SCRAPPING!!! GO MIKEY!!!

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