Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Starting Over

I did it. I really did it. I have officially gone out on my own. It isn't going to be easy....but that's ok. Because the tough road I have ahead of me is a very small price to pay for my freedom. I know that at the end of the road....lies happiness.
This is my house, and when I say, my house, I mean..MY HOUSE. IMG_20120821_163507 It isn't big. It's rather small actually. I don't have have a garbage can even, have to walk my garbage to a dumpster. And take my mail to a public mailbox. And cell phone signal is terrible. And I don't know any of my neighbors. And I don't have much of a 'yard'. And I have to park on the other side of the building. And there is not alot of storage space, so I have to throw away ALOT of stuff. And there is no craft room, I will have to craft in my bedroom. But that's ok. Because it is all MINE. And I LOVE IT. My kids are sleeping on mattresses on the floor at the moment...but guess what? They are having a blast! Do they look unhappy?! IMG_20120818_231714 And we are eating at the counter in the kitchen....I think my kids like this idea....I bought some chairs from IKEA (my most favorite store ever!) This was our first meal together in the new house. IMG_20120819_182457 I think my most proud moment, was when I bought myself my own new bed. Well...mattress...and it too is on the floor for the moment. But that's ok. Because it is MY BED. ALL MINE! IMG_20120821_205623 I think I'll be ok. I called someone to help me find a job today, the kids saw their new school today....yep. We will survive. Im a survivor for sure! IMG_20120821_210049 Me. In my new kitchen. Happy. Thanks for reading my blog, I'd love a nice comment....for support, if ya don't mind. Im a bit teary eyed typing. This is HUGE.