Sunday, March 1, 2009


well..not the kind of day I would have hoped for my mikey.....but, it cant' be a perfect year right???
i tuned in for the race at las vegas today with high hopes for the napa toyota, and could have been worse right?? 27th...well...16 people did worse right??? and hey..he is still 12 in the standing....i mean 12! that is spectacular!!! i am still proud of my mikey..he might as well be winning in my book!!!
onto other more juicy stuff...cause that is what you tune in for right??? so... i have always been a huge hendrick hater forever right???'s true..can't stand em. and jimmie johnson..well why does he alway win!!! spread teh love man!!! i have hated him for as long as i can remember! my dd alexis even knows we don't like JJ!!! Sooooooooooo why in the HELL did i start dreaming about him a few months back???? Who knows...but man..he is HOT!!! not so hot today as he hit the wall...LOL! Can I have a hot dream tonight??? Anyways...mikey is still 12th in points, which is SPECTULAR!! GO MIKEY!!! LOVE YA BABE!!! (grey beard and all...LOL!!!)
off to post my first post for my other blog...if the shoe fits...please come join me!!! happy scrappin and sweet nascar hottie dreams to me right???
check it out ...for...well...not so good for mikey...

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