Monday, July 29, 2013

love my life!

Who knew I had it in me?? I got in one more card before leaving tomorrow ! This one is for a facebook challenge on unity to use our itty bittys.....AND for CASE study challenge #151...don't think I ever entered there before, but i always wanted to! Here is the card that I 'CASED': to bed....even though i probably can't sleep...its like christmas eve! and im a little kid again! disney! the happiest place on earth!!!! goodnight ;)

Trendy Triangles


 Just a quick post so that I can get my card entered in Moxie Fab's Trendy Triangles challenge. I made this card for this challenge. I cut out random triangles from hand, stamped them with stars (which btw....stars are like 5 triangles in one!) and placed them on the card. Put another star (or 5 triangles ;) ) and centered my image on it. This is my unique take on trendy triangles! Now I'm off....going to DISNEYWORLD in the morning!!! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wishing you JOY!


  I found this cute sketch over at CAS(E) this sketch! This is sketch #37: I kept mine as clean as simple as I could !!! The move is still in progress...hoping to get more done this week and weekend...then it will have to get put on hold, as we are going to DISNEY WORLD next week...yay! Me, Jon, both our moms, and 5 kids! Hoping to get a few more cards in in the meantime as well if possible ;) Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A little Romance

Once again....I find myself entering a Moxie Fab challenge...I just love the inspiration that Cath provides over there! This card is for the Tuesday Trigger, 'a little romance'. Here is the trigger:

I was just inspired by the pure romantic elegance of this photo. Not my normal style card, and I was soooo tempted to distress the edges! But I thought this card needed to be clean and simple. I had a little more inspiration for this card as well, in the form of my wonderful boyfriend that I love very much. Isn't he sexy?

My absence from blogging and the crafting world has been due to massive changes in my life that mostly revolve around him. This entire summer has been spent moving. Me and my girlie girls have moved in with Jon and his boys. I'm incredibly happy! But its alot of work! I'll be happy when I'm all done and moved! Any-hoo.... thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my card!

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Mixy-Matchy challenge

Untitled I decided to take a break from moving the other day to actually make something. Some day when I have time, I'll update on all the wonderful new stuff in my life....but for now,just a quick post so I can make the deadline for the Mixy-Matchy challenge at Moxie Fab world. This is my card that I made for the challenge...using as many different fun patterns as I can, I think they actually all look nice together! I gave this card to my friend and coworker today to brighten her Monday ;) Thanks for visiting my blog today. Hopefully soon I can craft and update on a more regular basis!