Monday, December 12, 2011's COLD outside!

We have been enjoying some rather nice weather here in Norfolk this past month...and well,I guess I got used to it, because I just realized that all of a sudden it is COLD! In honor of the cold, I thought I'd make I made an ATC for the Wicked Wednesday's challenge #9, Winter Fun! Not that COLD is fun....but well, it is one of my most favorite songs this time of year....!
So here is my ATC...

and here is my most favorite version of the song...

and here is a little something else I made to remind me of my sunshine that I miss so much!'s cold outside! please come back sunshine and warm me up! heehee...!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Life....New Look!

In honor of my new life I have started recently, I thought I would change up my blog appearance as well. I have a huge obsession with clouds lately, so this seemed like a good look for me! I changed a few other things that well...maybe you won't even notice!
Since I have been so neglectful of my blog lately, I thought I would share some of my creations. These are mostly things that were created for SNR, and have been published in previous issues, and I would like to share them now.





One of these days I will actually make something NEW, or for a blog challenge good friend Jenn has a new ATC challenge blog...Wicked Wednesday ATC Challenges...I really need to start playing along there ;)
Any-hoo...let me know what you think of my new design ok? I think it suits me perfectly :) and my creations I've had stashed away waiting to share, good? yes? I like the first layout...I can't believe I actually scrapped a photo of myself in the bathtub!
thanks for visiting my blog today!

Friday, October 7, 2011

What Women Want

After spending the past oh...12 years of my life with a man who has NOT given me what I want, and other recent events....I've been inspired to write about what we DO want. Granted this just one broken girl's opinion, but I can't imagine many women would disagree with most of this. So here you go....this (in my opinion) is what women want from a man.

- in the morning, there is no better way to start the day than a nice 'good morning beautiful'...or something else along these lines. Something THIS simple will ensure that your lady will start her day off with a smile.
- if you are gone to work or elsewhere all day (for 6+ hours away from her) CHECK IN! can be a simple text message, or phone call, whatever...just to let her know you remember she exists. I spent 12 years in a marriage where I NEVER got a phone call or text all day. It's not hard to do...will just take a minute.
-buy her gifts just because. These are the ones that matter the most. Doesnt' have to be anything huge, just something small to show her she is special to you.
- flowers. most women like flowers.BUT not all women like roses! Why do all men go with the standard 'dozen roses'?? find out what your woman's FAVORITE flower is. I bet if you gave her a SINGLE STEM of her FAVORITE flower, it would mean so much more than any giant amount of something that she doesn't care for as much. My favorite is purple or blue irises. I don't think he knew this the whole time.
-While your at it with her favorite flower, find out her other favorite things as well. Let's talk color here. One time, and this was YEARS ago...he actually bought me a gift. Bought me a robe. It was powder blue. I was happy he bought me something actually. Then he opens his big mouth. "they had it in red or blue..." SERIOUSLY?? my FAVORITE COLOR IS RED! I would have really been blown away by the red one...ugh...yeah guys this stuff matters.
-Foods...can you cook? Even something basic. Cook for her every once in a while. Why should she have to do it all? I cook EVERYTHING. Probably years ago maybe he tried every once in a while to cook for me, so i'll give him that. BUT...he has no idea my likes in food! I remember once he hands me a plate of french toast covered in cinnamon. I dont' like cinnamon on my french toast, never have, never will. Had he ever paid attention, he would have known that. IMPORTANT! pay attention to details like this! And if you don't KNOW for sure, don't do it. Do your homework!
-Suprises...suprises are nice. I wouldnt' know just how nice since I dont' know that I've ever been suprised. I always dream of being suprised though...
-take her out. dinner, a movie, dancing, a walk on the beach...whatever. just go out.dont' sit at home all the time. If she is totally enamoured by you...she wants to take you out and show you off ;)
-lets talk social media. since we all know we live in the age of facebook and twitter. Are you on facebook?? I used to leave special songs and stuff on his wall for him, to make him know and the rest of the world know how I felt. Never once did I get anything back. This is important. When we are in love, or maybe just the early stages even of meeting someone new that we are all wrapped up in, we do want the world to know. Leave her a nice note, or picture, or song, whatever, on her wall. Where everyone can see it. This sounds dumb...but it will make her smile from ear to ear, I promise ;) I am a woman,I know it would make my day...we like to show off guys! TRUST ME!

I think that covers alot of bases. I hope this is helpful to everyone. it.Study it. Do it! Nothing on here is hard to do! Women...if you agree with this, please share this with your men, give them a *hint hint!* Feel free to pass this around, I'd love to help educate everyone on just a few simple things that make the world a happier place. Let's face it...if a woman is happy well, everyone is happy right?!

Please leave me a comment letting me know how you feel about this post. The good, the bad and the ugly. Or if there is something you'd like me to add, there is always room for edits!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My life in song

I've always been a huge music lover. Music speaks to me. When I hear a song, I relate to know? So much has been going on in my life lately, and I haven't been able to find the words to talk about any of it, so I'm going to use songs.

Issue #1...most importantly, my life at home. It is in shambles, and has finally come to a crossroads. Decisions have been made, soon it will be permanent. This song says it best I think:

This saddens me...but well, the song says it all I think.

Another thing in my life that I haven't been able to find the words for. Maybe seeing the above will help bring some clarity to that other situation, as to why I haven't been able to find a way to deal with it, not that I don't WANT to...just can't handle any additional stress now :( Here is a song for you:

What do I want out of life? This song has always made me cry because it is what I strive for, maybe someday now I will find it:

For now....can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bristol Baby!

So, this past week has for sure been eventful!!! We left last Tuesday for a family camping trip in Bristol, TN for some nascar racing short track style! woohoo!! We are on a budget, so it was tent camping and was a bit rough! Check out our campsite:

We did at least eat well all

check out my kids in their very own tent...they loved it!


Wednesday night was the modified race and truck race...we went! Was my first time at a modified race, was definetly interesting!!! A few pics of mods and trucks...


here is kevin harvick winning truck race..which was first time my kids ever saw anyone other than kyle busch in victory lane!

Thursday was a big day! We originally planned to go to downtown Bristol the street fair, but some of my twitter friends invited us to hang out with them instead and catch the monster truck car crunch later that we did that instead ;)While we were there, we got to meet Jennifer Jo Cobb..

Good THING! While we were at the monster truck thingy, what are the odds they were giving out a ride in teh monster truck driven by no other than my most favorite nascar driver Brian Scott! All I had to do to win was catch a tshirt that was being launched by one of those shirt launcher things. (easy right? lol) So one was being launched, and it was coming my way...i was gonna catch it...until it went over my head..ugh! I saw some guys wrestling over it, and debated jumping in, until i saw that one of them was my husband! ha! he was wrestling some dude for the shirt...and he got it! YAY!!! So...I went and got my wristband and instructions to come back the next day for my ride with Brian! On the way back to camp, we watched the hauler parade...alexis got very excited when Kasey Kahnes hauler drove by...

Friday...what a big day! My big day ;) Seemed like it took forever for it to be time to head over for my big monster truck ride with finally got here!
First, my kids got to ride in the monster truck with daddy with just the normal driver...

then Brian arrived...*sigh*
and as i was waiting for our time to get on the truck...
couldn't resist!
here is my fav from my seat in the truck:

oh yeah, and i videod the ride!!

After my ride, the kids finally got to meet Brian...this was so exciting for me!

and here we all are:

Nationwide race time...look who's pitstall was in front of our seats...

we had good seats too..check out our view:

guess who won?? kyle was NOT happy...she may have thrown a small tantrum and hid under her chair for a while...

Brian came in 10th that night (woohoo! top 10!) and for some reason, i decided it would be a good idea to do 10 pudding shots for his 10th place finish
(these are pudding shots..yum!)
and this was on top of the million other shots/drinks i had already had after my meeting with brian....i was a little

Saturday started off a little rough...wonder why?! haha!
Cup race day...yay!
Im not as enthusiastic about the cup race sicne Brian races nationwide...but's the cup race! woohoo!
my second favorite #11 car:

kids were thrilled when Brad Kesolowski won (again...not kyle busch!)

post race fireworks:

and then, we would have been heading home teh next day....had hurricane irene not slammed our hometown! Jaime thought that he'd rather go to his parents for a few days in case anything was still bad back here in norfolk, or maybe everyone who had evacuated would all be trying to get home, and well, he didn't want to sit in traffic! So....after a 2 day sidetrip, we are finally home safe and sound, and happy to report, my house is in perfect shape! woohoo! just less than 2 weeks, i'm going to Richmond for another race how that works out eh?

so that's my fun story ;) happy to be home! and in a few days, i'll have my cell back...yeah, it broke while we were down there (no fault of mine!)

Now maybe someday I will get back in my craft room eh? it's long overdue!
thanks for visiting my blog today!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Latest issue of SNR...and some other stuff ;)

I told you I had another post up my sleeve...

I wanted to let everyone know about the latest issue of Scrapbook News and Review is chock full of crafty inspiration that I know you all are just DYING to see. Want to see a sneak peek?? I scrapped one of my current favorite pictures for the 'stars' call in the current'll have to check out the magazine if you want to see what i've done to this:

Also, note that I have added links to the current magazine issue and current calls for submission to my left sidebar, please check them out! I got the idea when visiting fellow staffer Heidi's blog...(which is fabulous i might add!)

I also have a few projects to share from previous issues of SNR..stuff I made many moons ago it seems and have been dying to share ;)

this is a card i made for a previous issue, that i actually mailed to hubby while he was deployed...

and here is a layout i made for a previous SNR issue, featuring Denny Hamlin's mom, and her dog Bristol ;) The photos were actually from the Bristol race last summer (which is coming up again soon! woot woot! family vacation!!)
Thanks for visiting my blog, and remember to check out the current issue of can be found on my left sidebar or at the top of this post ;)

Welcome Home USS Enterprise ;)

Well, I haven't posted on my blog lately, lots of stuff been going on! So I'm gonna start with a post about our recent happy homecoming. Hubby was deployed for 6 months on the USS Enterprise. He came home on July are a few pictures from our happy homecoming.

i'll start with this one because it is by FAR my favorite:


a few more of the ship's arrival:

Me and my girls waiting..

the girls watching the ship in the distance as it approaches

getting closer...


i like this one....look at all the sailors on the phone, calling their loved ones. This is one of the most painful things, seeing them THIS CLOSE and still having to wait until they are released to us ;)

First hugs ;)

so yeah..our family is now complete again ;) I have a bunch more blog posts i need to catch up on, so come back soon! i may even have another one tonight for you! thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Follow Your Bliss


Bright enough for ya? LOL!
This card is for 2 is Some Odd Girl Bright and Blinding Challenge, and the other is 365 Cards day 128 Ad inspired....the ad was...well...BRIGHT! That's all I got for now...I'm trying to get a million things done around the house today and doing a little crafting in between!
Thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

the mice are away... the CAT is at play! The mice being my children and the cat being ME of course...LOL! kiddos are on vacation and I am home alone! This has never happened before, it is really ODD! So today, I figured, why not sit down and craft, right smack dab in the middle of the day! So...I looked up some challenges, and made a card:


I found the sketch at Card Patterns...sketch #122...
And the color inspiration at the Play Date Cafe...PDCC88.

I think I will go and make a few more things tonight while I watch the race ;) I've got 12 more days of kid-free time, so...hopefully I get alot of crafty-time in!
Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

you totally rock!!


Well, I sat down tonight with my friend Celina and cyber cropped fora bit ;) Funny....she got 2 entire layouts done and I am just now finishing my card!!! LOL! Anyways...I made this for a few challenges actually!
1. 365 cards day 105: mega movie monday. I chose to use the colors that were in the movie poster to inspire my card.
2. Unscripted sketches, sketch #110

Now I'm debating if I should stay up and make somethign is only 9:30...! Maybe...just maybe I will ;)
thanks for visiting my blog today!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Special Call at Scrapbook News and Review!

I wanted to share this call with everyone for Scrapbook News and Review....they are on the hunt for some fresh faces ;) Let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you!

We're Looking for Clean & Simple Scrappers & Card Makers

Back to top

If you're a Clean & Simple (or its close cousin Modern & Graphic) , we would love to see your artwork. We're looking for Clean & Simple (and Modern & Graphic) scrappers and card makers to feature inside the magazine, on our front page, be a Featured Artist and/or maybe even become a part of the SNR staff.

If this is your style, please submit to this special call. Simply go to our website at and click on Calls and then Special Calls and submit your artwork. You can submit up to 5 layouts or cards (or a mix if you're both a scrapper and a card maker).

Please make sure your images are sized at 650x650, with 650 being the longest side if it's an irregular shape. Any images submitted that are not at least 650x650 will be rejected upon receipt. You do not need to include any supply lists. We simply want to see your work and get a chance to know you!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your stuff. Happy scrappin'!

Direct Link to the Special Call for Clean & Simple Scrappers & Card Makers

OR....If you would rather just submit to the July calls that are presently available....check it out HERE:

July 2011 Calls

Back to top

Get Noticed! Get Published!


Back to School: Summer may be in full swing, but school time will be here before we know it and what better way to greet it than with pages chock full of school related topics.

Color of the Month – Orange: Fresh, fun and funky, orange screams summer from popsicles and beach balls to sand pails and surfboards and it’s a great color to feature on your layouts. Projects can be of any theme or subject but you must use they must use at least 80% of the color of the month, so think monochromatic color scheme with a couple other colors to balance it out.

Fabric, Fiber & Felt: These three “F’s” rock on layouts of any kind and we would love to see how you use one of them or any combination of the three. Get creative and be sure to provide us with a tip or two on how you incorporated them onto your pages.

Favorite Band/Singer: We all have one or two and while for some they may be just a mild crush or fascination, for others it’s a full-on obsession. Show us your love for your favorite band or singer. Layouts featuring lyrics or song titles will get extra consideration. Please make sure you give credit to the songwriter in your supply lists cause you know we at SNR always like to be on the up-and-up.

Hometown Haunts & Hangouts: Each town has its own flavor and distinct places, so take us on a trip around yours. Whether just one or two or a smattering of your favorite haunts and hangouts, we’re looking for pages that bring to attention the places in your hometown that have special meaning to you.

Numbers: Why should letters get all the spotlight? Let’s give numbers their full 15 minutes of fame.

One Word – Treasure: For this call, we’re looking for pages that include the word “Treasure” in the title.

Shapes – Stars: Big or small, we have a thing for stars and they lend such a unique flair to pages of any theme or subject.

Scrap Your Stash - Ribbon: We wouldn’t be surprised if you have oodles of ribbon hanging out in your stash and we challenge you to use it in cool and creative ways! For this call, please only submit layouts that feature lots of ribbon.


Clear Acrylic: For this call, we’re looking for cards that either use clear acrylic as the base, background or as the main embellishment on your card.

Fussy Cutting: It’s a popular trend and rightly so. Beautiful creations can be made with simple patterned paper and cardstock and we can’t wait to see yours.

Summer Elements: Balls, Suns, You Name It: If it smacks of summer, then it’s fair game on your cards and they can be of any subject or topic.

Shapes – Stars: Big or small, we have a thing for stars and they lend such a unique flair to pages of any theme or subject.

Watercolors: Show off your mad painting skills! Watercolors are a great way to give a punch of color and we would love to see cards that use watercolors in a variety of ways.


Please note that the following calls MUST use stamps. You can’t use patterned paper or embellishments that feature the following spotlight items.

Fruit & Veggies: For this call, we’re looking for cards and other stamped projects showcasing fruit and veggie stamps.

Furniture & Home Accessories: For this one, we’re looking for cards and other stamped projects that showcase furniture and home accessories. Cute puns for sentiments are a plus.

Seaside: Whether nautical or beachy, we want to see cards and other stamped projects that use stamps that feature a seaside theme.

Mixed Media

Artist Trading Cards - Americana: Books, maps, paper, documents, relics and even song lyrics can be integrated on your arches. Please note that submitted ATCs must have American ephemera on them. No other cultures will be accepted.

Artist Trading Cards – Strut Your Stuff: Grab your 15 minutes of fame and can send in ATC’s featuring any theme, style or color scheme.

Arches - Bygone Era: There is a world of options at your fingertips with this call. Arches must be reminiscent of days gone by and can be of any subject but most feature imagery or clipart that conjures up memories of the past.

Inchies – Patchwork: The possibilities are endless with patchwork techniques as the background. You can construct inchies with a patchwork background in any fashion and with any theme or color scheme, but your inchies must be ON a patchwork base.

Mini Albums – Strut Your Stuff: The rules are the same as with the altered art call. Anything goes!

To submit to Scrapbook News and Review, go HERE and look for the 'calls' tab at the top!! Simple as that! Hope to see some familiar faces ;)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I made a card!! and a layout!!



finally! I made something I can SHARE! For the past well...long time...everything I have made has been for Scrapbook News and Review (which if you don't subscribe you should...then you could see all the stuff I have made that I can't post here ;)

the card I have made for the Outlawz Sunday Clean and Simple challenge for May 22...which was to make a single layer card.

the layout is for Tally Scrapper's Leo Challenge...there are a bunch of challenges listed and the layout is for the June 4th one in the list.

So there you have it...I made some stuff! I need to make!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog ;)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


DSCN9989, originally uploaded by ladytraceyl.

Im so busy these days...but i wanted to share this picture from last it possible to be in love with a photo??? the clouds are so white and fluffy, the sky is so perfectly blue....Brian looks amazingly edible....what a great great photo...I will treasure it forever :)

That is all I have time to share right now...praying I dig myself out of this hole I have dug for myself! Im way too busy these days!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Happy Spring!


Well I've finally made something! Actually I've made a few cards but am too tired to post em all right now so we'll just start with this one. I used a Some Odd Girl digi Bee Tia..which is just SO CUTE! I think I incorporated a few challenges in this one....
1. Some Odd Girl CAS challenge
2. the Outlawz Greeing card challenge for April 11

yeah..that's! maybe eventually i'll get my other cards posted (before the challenges i did expire! I think one already did..oops!)
thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to the Races....

Well...long time no update! Stuff has been crazy around here lately....been doin' some soul searching which is GOOD...makin' new friends which is also GOOD....and well...not a whole lotta crafting! Actually..i have done crafting, but it is all for Scrapbook News and Review, which you can't see until the future issues come!
Anyways....tomorrow starts my little weekend getaway! woohoo! Hubby has been deployed since January, we haven't quite made it to halfway in his deployment yet, and I am getting a BREAK! The kids are going to visit family and I am headed to Martinsville to enjoy a weekend of pampering and racing! Hittin' the road in the morning right after I drop the kiddos at school....can't WAIT to get on the road!
When I get back I'll be sure to post some pictures and I'm hoping this trip brings me back refreshed and ready to dive back into my life! See ya next week!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

excuse me???

Excuse Me?

Fierce enough looking???? LOL! I made this with 365 cards day 7, FEELING FIERCE challenge in mind ;) I have also entered this beauty in The Outlawz March 4 copics challenge (sepia or b&w), and club anyas mystery monday challenge for this week!
In other news....Artistic Papercrafting is holding a little croppy weekend this weekend...there will be fun prizes to be sure to check it out this Sat-Sun March 12-13!!! (the link for Artistic Papercrafting will take you to the grand prize for the crop if you'd like a peek!)
Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Monday, March 7, 2011

2 more cards sunday crafting wasn't HALF as productive as Saturday was! I ended up getting tired and falling asleep! Here are the 2 cards I managed to get done before I was overcome by ZZZZZZZzzzzz's...!

I made this card for the following challenges:
1. The Outlawn CAS challenge for March 6
2. CPS #208
3. Card Making Mama's #16 (green!) --my second and last entry ;)

This card was made for 365 cards, day 5: winter and summer collide. This stamp just SCREAMED to be used for this challenge ;)

Spent most of today cleaning my crafty room...i made alot of progress! threw alot of junk away, which is good...soon i will have the perfect crafty haven and will be able to be MUCH more productive much more often!
thanks for visiting my blog today!