Wednesday, March 13, 2013

up in the air...

 I made this card tonight for the negative challenge on moxie fab world! i used a bunch of negatives from my cloud die to make this one. of course....inspired also by my honey <3 p="">
anyways...its way past my bedtime...goodnight ;)

When life gives you limes...

upload So....ombre? or Tuesday trigger?? Im not sure which category to enter this at Moxie Fab world, so i'm entering it in both (hope this is ok!) I did a sort of different ombre thing, by putting my darkest color in middle and going lighter up AND down....and, well, the card is all green, which i was inspired by the tuesday trigger this week!! The even truer motivation for this card was a coworker and friend who I made this for....she seems to need a pick me up, so I made this for her, hope it makes her feel better! thanks for visiting my blog today!!