Friday, September 4, 2009

what's the SHOE!

If you haven't been to If the shoe fits...SCRAP IT! NEED to go there! The Shoe has undergone a makeover! It has a whole new look and all new fun challenges!

This first card represents todays Fashionista Friday is a color challenge, colors being red, yellow and orange! Any projects submitted by next thursday, sept. 10 will be considered for 'Shoe of the Week'!

Next we have my sample for our 'Bonus challenge'! This challenge was posted to celebrate the new look of the shoe by using our new colors: black, white and pink! and HEARTS!! All entries for this challenge will also be used to determine our very first 'shoe of the week'!

And, finally, one more chance this week to be crowned 'shoe of the week'! This is for the Dot!Dot!Dot! challenge which is just what it sounds like! How many polka dots can you get onto one project?? Get scrappy and find out!!!

All 3 of these challenges are current and we will be awarding our very first 'shoe of the week' from all the combined entries. Between me and you....with all the fabulous entries so far, I am pretty certain there may be more than one winner! I hope you will swing on by the Shoe and check it out! Lookin' forward to seeing everyone at the Shoe!

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