Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday was the very first 5K! Here is the recap...starting with Thursday night because well...for the first time in my life, boy did I get a suprise! I went to bed early since I knew I had to run on Friday....took a unisom since I have mad bouts of insomnia, especially when I'm excited for something. I had just fallen asleep when my phone buzzed with a text message from of my besties ;) She was 20 minutes from my house! What a nice suprise...she wanted to come down and cheer me on in my run...that just warms my heart. When she arrived, she gave me flowers (just because they had to go in water right then...I wasn't allowed to have the card until after I But here are my flowers...aren't they beautiful?? I just LOVE irises!

Raceday I got up nervous as hell! The butterflies were really wreaking havoc in my tummy! I don't even know why, it is just a 5K! We got to the gym, and picked up my packet, was nice to see Kim handing them out! Kim is my trainer....I OWE HER! She has helped me get where I am today...she kicks my BUTT!!! Say hi to Kim!

So here I am...sportin' my number. I've never had a number before....i was excited!

Here is me and Melissa

wow..there were so many people racing!!! I've never been in a race! Here I am....waiting to start, I didn't even try to get to the front of the giant

and then....everyone took off! There I was,armed with my sunglasses and my ipod. So I ran....and ran...and ran! Boy was it HOT! It was close to 80degrees outside, and the pavement was hot on my footsies! But I kept going....was thankful for the water station at the halfway point! Everytime someone in front of me stopped and walked, I felt like it was an accomplishment for me...because I was not stopping. Nope. My goal was to run the entire thng! At the 2 mile marker they had a clock with was just under! I was ahead of schedule! So I kept running...knowing I had only a little over a mile left to go. When I reached that 3 mile marker....i took off! Almost there! Melissa got a photo of me in the homestretch...check me out, ponytail flipped up in the

I crossed the finish line at 33:52. WOW! I was sure I would do it in about 36 minutes....I was very happy to do so well on my first time. I only started running like 10 days ago!
I was a hot sweaty mess! But the feeling of accomplishment is HUGE! I am still smiling thinking of the fact that I made it!
And when I got to open my card, I found out my flowers were from 3 very special people. Im so lucky! I think the smile will stay on my face for quite some time now! Thankyou so much to my friends for supporting me and making my experience even better. I can't wait to run the next one. Maybe next time someone will run with me!

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