Sunday, April 29, 2012

Time to Kill!

For anyone who doesn't know me personally, this past week, I had a hysterectomy....on Tuesday the 24th actually. I've been laid up in my bed since and am bored out of my mind! Running out of stuff to do, I decided to turn my favorite album onto my ipod and start blogging.  Now, I just popped 2 pain pills before I started writing, so keep in mind....this post MAY ramble or not make sense....but that's half the fun of it eh?
So what shall I talk about? I'm thinking....things that make me happy maybe...that sounds good ;)
1. Music! I'm a giant music junkie! I'd much rather listen to music than watch TV. I mentioned my favorite album that I'm listening to now....I recently discovered a new artist from the UK, named Ed Sheeran. His music BLOWS ME AWAY! I got very lucky over Easter and caught him live while visiting my dad in DC to....the boy can SING! If you haven't heard of him, look him up! I love every song!  This is one of my favs:

And as an added bonus for my readers...heehee...I got to MEET the talented Ed at that concert...talked to him for a bit, convinced him to sing me a few lines of his song 'Kiss Me'...and then, I proceeded to actually kiss him on the cheek before making my exit. I know....sometimes I act like a crazed lunatic ;) IMAG0613
  2. Clouds! I have a huge obsession with clouds! I just love them. I am constantly photographing them! And you will definetly find lots and ls of clouds on my crafty projects. I'm not sure what it is, they just intrigue me. Here is one of my many photos I've taken with my phone (my memory card is half full of cloud photos!)
 So how happy was I when this package arrived the other day, as I am laid up in my bed recovering.... IMAG0927
I was a tad bit upset that I hadn't received a single flower for my sister had brought me balloons from her and the kids, and a few cards straggled in slowly...but this box of books from my! Made me so happy. Now, I can read and learn about the clouds I love so much. And one of the books is a cloud collectors book...I can collect my clouds! SWEET!

3.  Nascar....and even more particularly....Brian Scott <3 my most favorite driver.  Watching Brian race every week jsut makes me happy. I was sad I missed Richmond this weekend due to being laid up in bed :(  My friend Melissa was nice enough to bring the track to me though...check out these 2 very special get well cards she delivered to me last night:
526751_162030497258460_100003545335964_206950_307027664_n This one was signed by a ton of people at the track...including Rusty and Kenny Wallace, a few nascar media members, and the track president even signed it! and this one here...well...y'all can guess who signed this one. and no...he didn't buy it...but he was nice enough to sign it for me! 579154_162022027259307_100003545335964_206938_404512383_n (let you in on another secret....on friday, while laying in bed all looped out on meds, i got a phone call from melissa at the track....and who did she put on the phone to wish me well? GUESS!)

4. well, at this point, it has taken me all day to make this post because those pills i popped this morning...i don't know if they were the special super powered pain pills or what, but they knocked me for a LOOP! I haven't been right all day.  I'm STILL feeling icky actually so I gotta wrap this up...maybe with a to be continued at a later date or something.....

I'll end by saying thankyou to those who have been here for me this past few days and have cared. It means alot to me!!! Times like this people certainly show their true colors and you learn who is there for you no matter what! and who sadly...isn't. I am blessed to have such good friends and family. I hope tomorrow is better, today truly has been AWFUL!

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  1. Aw Tracey, sorry to hear you were feeling under the weather and had surgery... hope all is well... it's been too long, but many hugs...


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