Monday, December 31, 2012

i love u more!

 long time no blog ;)
 been a busy little bee working in the lab...had the week off last week and actually managed to get my house cleaned up, AND my craft area , so I was able to make this after work today (just in time to get it in for the unity sketch challenge for december ...which now that im' reading, i realize i didn't use a kit, so it doesn't count, but oh well...i tried ;) )
 this card is for my boyfriend, jon. it's actually pretty much the exact message we send each other back and forth on our phones every day, numerous times a day, so I made a card out of it!
 hope everyone has a happy new year! if i make it to midnight it will be a miracle! (zzzzzzz.....) thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Wow... it's good to see you in blog land again! I always love seeing your work. This is absolutely fabulous!


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