Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bristol Baby!

So, this past week has for sure been eventful!!! We left last Tuesday for a family camping trip in Bristol, TN for some nascar racing short track style! woohoo!! We are on a budget, so it was tent camping and was a bit rough! Check out our campsite:

We did at least eat well all

check out my kids in their very own tent...they loved it!


Wednesday night was the modified race and truck race...we went! Was my first time at a modified race, was definetly interesting!!! A few pics of mods and trucks...


here is kevin harvick winning truck race..which was first time my kids ever saw anyone other than kyle busch in victory lane!

Thursday was a big day! We originally planned to go to downtown Bristol the street fair, but some of my twitter friends invited us to hang out with them instead and catch the monster truck car crunch later that we did that instead ;)While we were there, we got to meet Jennifer Jo Cobb..

Good THING! While we were at the monster truck thingy, what are the odds they were giving out a ride in teh monster truck driven by no other than my most favorite nascar driver Brian Scott! All I had to do to win was catch a tshirt that was being launched by one of those shirt launcher things. (easy right? lol) So one was being launched, and it was coming my way...i was gonna catch it...until it went over my head..ugh! I saw some guys wrestling over it, and debated jumping in, until i saw that one of them was my husband! ha! he was wrestling some dude for the shirt...and he got it! YAY!!! So...I went and got my wristband and instructions to come back the next day for my ride with Brian! On the way back to camp, we watched the hauler parade...alexis got very excited when Kasey Kahnes hauler drove by...

Friday...what a big day! My big day ;) Seemed like it took forever for it to be time to head over for my big monster truck ride with finally got here!
First, my kids got to ride in the monster truck with daddy with just the normal driver...

then Brian arrived...*sigh*
and as i was waiting for our time to get on the truck...
couldn't resist!
here is my fav from my seat in the truck:

oh yeah, and i videod the ride!!

After my ride, the kids finally got to meet Brian...this was so exciting for me!

and here we all are:

Nationwide race time...look who's pitstall was in front of our seats...

we had good seats too..check out our view:

guess who won?? kyle was NOT happy...she may have thrown a small tantrum and hid under her chair for a while...

Brian came in 10th that night (woohoo! top 10!) and for some reason, i decided it would be a good idea to do 10 pudding shots for his 10th place finish
(these are pudding shots..yum!)
and this was on top of the million other shots/drinks i had already had after my meeting with brian....i was a little

Saturday started off a little rough...wonder why?! haha!
Cup race day...yay!
Im not as enthusiastic about the cup race sicne Brian races nationwide...but's the cup race! woohoo!
my second favorite #11 car:

kids were thrilled when Brad Kesolowski won (again...not kyle busch!)

post race fireworks:

and then, we would have been heading home teh next day....had hurricane irene not slammed our hometown! Jaime thought that he'd rather go to his parents for a few days in case anything was still bad back here in norfolk, or maybe everyone who had evacuated would all be trying to get home, and well, he didn't want to sit in traffic! So....after a 2 day sidetrip, we are finally home safe and sound, and happy to report, my house is in perfect shape! woohoo! just less than 2 weeks, i'm going to Richmond for another race how that works out eh?

so that's my fun story ;) happy to be home! and in a few days, i'll have my cell back...yeah, it broke while we were down there (no fault of mine!)

Now maybe someday I will get back in my craft room eh? it's long overdue!
thanks for visiting my blog today!


  1. I am so happy for you - sounds like you had a blast. I think my favorite pic is the one of Alexis hiding under the seats, too funny! Can't wait to see what you come up with for LO's with these pics! :)

  2. Great pics! It looks like you had fun, so glad. You'll have to share your layouts - I know they'll be fabulous!


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