Thursday, March 31, 2011

Off to the Races....

Well...long time no update! Stuff has been crazy around here lately....been doin' some soul searching which is GOOD...makin' new friends which is also GOOD....and well...not a whole lotta crafting! Actually..i have done crafting, but it is all for Scrapbook News and Review, which you can't see until the future issues come!
Anyways....tomorrow starts my little weekend getaway! woohoo! Hubby has been deployed since January, we haven't quite made it to halfway in his deployment yet, and I am getting a BREAK! The kids are going to visit family and I am headed to Martinsville to enjoy a weekend of pampering and racing! Hittin' the road in the morning right after I drop the kiddos at school....can't WAIT to get on the road!
When I get back I'll be sure to post some pictures and I'm hoping this trip brings me back refreshed and ready to dive back into my life! See ya next week!

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