Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome Home USS Enterprise ;)

Well, I haven't posted on my blog lately, lots of stuff been going on! So I'm gonna start with a post about our recent happy homecoming. Hubby was deployed for 6 months on the USS Enterprise. He came home on July 15...here are a few pictures from our happy homecoming.

i'll start with this one because it is by FAR my favorite:


a few more of the ship's arrival:

Me and my girls waiting..

the girls watching the ship in the distance as it approaches

getting closer...


i like this one....look at all the sailors on the phone, calling their loved ones. This is one of the most painful things, seeing them THIS CLOSE and still having to wait until they are released to us ;)

First hugs ;)

so yeah..our family is now complete again ;) I have a bunch more blog posts i need to catch up on, so come back soon! i may even have another one tonight for you! thanks for visiting my blog today ;)

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  1. Very beautifully touching Tracey. So happy your hubby made it home safe. God bless him for serving.
    Your friend Brian Bartlett


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