Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When good cards go bad....

this seems to be happening alot lately. I seem to have lost my mojo. i dont' know where it went....but it isn't here! Here are a few cards i made tonight when trying to unwind....they are just...well...good ideas gone BAD! image
 I wanted to make 'snow' on the trees. i used gesso through a stencil...this didn't work out so well. i put distress glitter on it to try to fix it...but it didn't work either. then the can't even read it. my white pigment ink....not so good, i think i need a new one! image this one isn't as bad...but still not what i envisioned. actually, im not sure WHAT i envisioned, i just wanted to use pinecones! i just stamped a bunch of them on water color paper, and cut it card shaped. added a crooked sentiment.... oh well... eventually i'll find my mojo! i think i need to clean my craft room or something! i have a few cards to post from a few days ago that are a bit if you see a good card after this post, no i didn't get my mojo back, im just behind on posting!!! on another cool are these frogs we have?! i love watching them! they are african clawed frogs and they are so much fun!!! image thanks for visiting my blog. im not entering these cards anywhere haha. ~tracey


  1. Awesome that you are keeping up making cards, even though you are not so pleased with them.
    I looked through a couple of the cardmaker blogs I love, and it took them time to get their style. A few years ago they were not doing what they are doing know. They have evolved. The same goes with me, I feel the more I make, the better I am honing the craft.

    The pinecone card is wondrous!!! love the Santa card too.. The other one is great, reminds me of one I had where my sentiment disappeared too...I love your style!

  2. I agree with Kimberly, Tracey. I applaud that you are sharing cards you aren't pleased with. Having said that, I happen to disagree with you on both of these. If you hadn't SAID they didn't turn out like you wanted, your viewers would assume you made these amazing watercolored funky modern takes on classic Christmas scenes with intent. See how cool that sounds. You should repost this and say that, starting with "WOW, I LOVE how these cards turned out ...! I don't want you to be so hard on yourself and, seriously, I do think they are super cool!! And I don't just say things if I don't mean them. Hugs, Darnell Oh! P.S. SENSATIONAL FROGS!!! You OWN these? I'm so entirely jealous of you right now!!


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