Wednesday, July 21, 2010

God works in mysterious ways...

As some of you may know, I am in the middle of a move. Here is a little background....
A few months ago, I was contacted by my landlord and told that they were going to sell the house and when could we be out...huh??? So, we put our names on the waiting list for base housing. We were able to move into new house on June 28, which is when we started moving. WE couldn't afford movers, so I have been moving slowly in the back of my car. We got a uhaul one day for afew hours and got all the furniture. Last week, I finally got the rest of the stuff out of the house, and was working on cleaning/repairs. It has been in the 100's everyday and that hosue has no airconditioning, so it has been a nightmare! I have to drag kids everyday, and it is just not fun. We have to be out by end of month, so I kept on pushing. Until today. When I pulled up today with a list to do (clean bathrooms, refrigerator, take down wallborder...etc...) I was not able to open front door. This is odd. There is nothing in there to be blocking me...hmmm... When I finally got it to open, I was greeted by such devastation, I think I had a small heart attack! The ceiling had collapsed. OMG....check this out:

WOW. So I called my landlord, who came over immediatly. What does she say??? 'oh...this has happened before....we were aware that the heating coils in the ceiling could cause this to happen...' OMG!!! and she let us live there??? What if we had been there? What if they hadn't told us they were selling the house??? OMG...Im still shaken up by the thought of it. I am thanking God that we didn't live there and that it happened when noone was in the house. I have now been relieved of the rest of what i was going to do in the hosue. It is unsafe. Who knows if any of the other ceilings will fall! The heat outside caused the coils to heat up and kablooey! THere are still 3 other rooms with this system in the ceiling! So, I packed up my cleaning supplies, and 2 good friends, Linda and Andrea helped me get my fishtank loaded up (the fish are all dead now i think, they didn't make the trip sadly ).
I just thank God that this happened the way it did. Thank God for us moving out when we did, and for us not being there when this happened. And thank God for sparing me the rest of the work in the house! Now we just have to finish the garage, which will take one day only if hubby is home to help, his ship pulls in friday, so we will go this weekend and finish up, and noone will enter that hosue! I have to go shower now to get all the fiberglass off of me....that stuff is horrible and seems to be stuck to my skin!


  1. OMG hun that is awful god your landlord,should really be made to pay for this ,as its just not on,if you had been there hun oh hate to think and they knew too,god hun,so glad you and your family are safe,you take care hun i know what that fibre glass does,its awfull stuff make sure the chidren,do not go near it,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  2. Holy cats Tracey! I am so sorry about all this trouble, but so thankful that you were already out of that place! I hope your new place is much better - which base are you on now? Big hugs!


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