Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This needed to be a post...

This is another nascar post about Brian Scott...heehee!
So, I have been cheering for Brian for over a year now, since I first laid eyes upon him when he won the Dover truck race in May of 2009. I used to cheer for Johnny Benson until he won a championship and then lost sponsorship (how does this happen?????). Then, I had noone to cheer for in trucks, so I picked young rookie who had just won his first race! There is your background for me cheering for Brian, since some of you are probably like..huh? Wasn't she all gaga over michael waltrip??? Brian was and is a whole other cup of! (and michael did something on a personal level that highly disappointed me, but that is another story all together!). When I started following Brian on twitter, I was follower #35 I think...he has close to 2000 now....
Anyways.....I really reallly like Brian. Yes, he is smokin' hot to look at, but boy's got talent! He moved up from trucks to Nationwide series this year, and is well on his way to being Rookie of the Year! I see Brian racing in cup in the next 5 yrs.
I have done everything I can to show my support of Brian over this past year. I have left my mark lol...I have never met Brian or obtained an efforts have not gone unrecognized, as I found out about an hour ago. Brian is signing autographs in Charlotte tonight (well, he was from 7-8pm). A twitter friend of mine was going, so i told him to tell Brian 'hi' for me. Coincidentally, this same friend has doen this for me before lol....somehow I am just never lucky enough to be in the right place at right time! So, he tells me he will be sure to tell Brian I said hi. A little later, I check my twitter, and see this from the guy : " He said you were his biggest fan...and said hi back."
My response...shut up! did he really say that??? Yes....indeed he did. I can officially call myself Brian Scott's biggest fan! I'm honored to have the title, truly I am! I mean, in actuality, Im sure his family and friends are possibly bigger fans than me, but of the people who are on the's me! I couldnt' say that ever with Michael. Thereh were so many people who were way more obsessive than i! But I own this one....and am proud to sport the title of Brian Scott's biggest fan! This makes me so happy...hence the blog post!!! I had to share and spew my happiness into the blogosphere!!!! Yes, as I said before, I'm a loon! But...a happy one!!! Thanks for sharing in my looniness! Meet ya at the looney bin! ha!
EDIT: I found this post I made last year....haha....yep...i've been obsessed for awhile ;)

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