Tuesday, May 18, 2010


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This may sound crazy....lol....
but....I have been trying for about a year now to obtain some sort of merchandise/apparel to show my love for Brian Scott. I have FINALLY obtained something! My little obsession with twitter paid off! One of Brian's sponsors is on twitter and had a trivia contest! of course, I knew all the answers right? So....I won a tee shirt! woohooo! Im so excited! I had to take a picture with my webcam so that I can change my avatar everywhere to show me supporting Brian!!! ( i know, im a loon right?) hahah!!! Maybe I am...but I'm a happy loon!!! Go Brian Go!


  1. Its good to be passionate about what you believe in. If nobody was, everything would mean nothing!

    How have you been??? Its been a while. Sounds like you are having a good racing season!'
    Take care & Keep in touch!!


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