Sunday, May 16, 2010 that layout??!!

May Sketchy Saturday Week 2

Why yes....I think it is!!! I finally made another layout! I have been out of ink in my printer for quite a while and well, I went and replaced it the other day so I could print out a picture or two! This happens to be one of my new favorite pictures! We went to the race in Richmond a few weeks ago, and I had the honor of waving the flags for Joey Logano when he qualified for the Nationwide race. I REALLY wanted to wave it for Brian Scott, but they wouldn't let I took Joey! This was the chance of a lifetime to wave the flag! How cool to be up above the track in the flagstand! *sigh* So I scrapbooked it! I used a sketch from Simply Scrapping layout is a reallll rough representation....I flipped it and rearranged a! Here is the sketch so you see what i mean:

Can you see it at all? LOL! was fun to dig into a layout finally!!! Thanks for stoppin' by! Now time to watch the Survivor finale!

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  1. Tracey! How cool is that to wave the flag! How did you get to do it? I love your did kinda rearrange the sketch! LMBO


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