Saturday, March 27, 2010

365 Cards, day 26 and 27

Figure I might as well start adding cards 2 at a time or I will be blogging all night!!! A few more cards for 365 cards here.....this first one is for Day 26, card recipe. Recipe was: 2 squares, 3 circles, ribbon, sentiment and 5X5 card. I also included Simply Scrapping Crafts color challenge 4 in this one....

March 2010 Cards Week 4

Here is the SSC challenge:

This next card is for 365 Day 27: Im touched. If I am understanding the concept, I am supposed to have 8 elements on card that overlap with at least 2 other elements...I hope I did this right, as I made a bunch of trees that all overlap with each other....does this cover me? LOL! The colors are from Simply Scrapping's Color challenge 4...yellow green, peach, and white! Yes...another kind of unconventional Christmas card, but, well, I'm determined to get them done early this year!!!

March 2010 Color Challenge 4

that's it for this post....more to come!

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  1. Those trees are just too too cute, all their funny little shapes !! Love this card a bunch.


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