Friday, August 16, 2013

Muse Challenge #30

Funny story about this card....
So I was real sick all week and spent alot of time wondering around the blog-osphere looking for inspiration and new challenges. Since I couldn't actually get my body out of bed to do anything, I had fun looking around and planning. Today was the first day I could actually sit down and MAKE something!  I had 3 challenges in mind, a sketch, a color, and the muse challenge.....they were all going to go together....except....nothing went as planned! I ended up straying way too far from the sketch, and of the challenges was a clean and simple one, and yeah...this card is not exactly CAS! it is...not what I planned....but I at least managed to follow the MUSE which is this lovely card by Therese Calvird:

My card follows the color scheme (sort of!), and has a bird. That is as close as I got! (This is for Muse Challenge #30)
(so now I guess I still have a few other cards to make for those other challenges eh??! maybe another day.....its late!)
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  1. Such a pretty card, I am glad you got better!

  2. Wow! I think this turned out fabulous! This is so unique and very cute!

  3. I love this - the more I look at it, the more I see! Great use of the Muse theme and colours to create this card! Thanks for playing!

  4. I love your gorgeous card and I hope you get better soon - hugs xx

  5. Absolutely fantastic! Sometimes I think it's great when things don't go exactly to plan it keeps us on our toes.


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