Friday, February 24, 2012

SHE-art...attempt #1!

So I recently decided I wanted to start an art journal....I happened upon a journal at Michaels that I thought would be perfect, so I bought it! Just a little bit ago....I finished my first page! I had seen this 'She-art' thing a while ago, and wasn't sure what it was. curiosity turned into a desire to learn! The way I learn new things is to look at examples and try and figure it! After perusing the internet for a while...the first thing I did was make a rough sketch on a piece of scratch paper, just to see if I was even capable of DRAWING a my suprise, my very first drawing....not too bad!


So I took this idea, and translated it into ART! (to the best of my abilities that is....) Here is my very first attempt at 'she-art'. No, it is not on a is in an art journal. And no, it is not as extravagant as the ones I saw online elsewhere. is MINE! I'm sure next time I will play a little more with different ideas....this one was just my first attempt. What do you think?




So now I want to make more!!! I am happy with how this page turned out...but yeah....I'm anxious to jump in and make more for sure! Maybe next time I won't make her head so! Thanks for visiting my blog today ;)


  1. I too love it, Tracey.
    Aunt Cathy

  2. Oh my God, Tracey, this is so awesome. I love it!!!!!!

  3. Wowzers! This is fabulous, Tracey! It truly speaks from within too. You own this GF!

  4. Your first go at She art is FABOOO! Love it! You are a natural. :)

  5. It's absolutely beautiful... way more creative than my art journal. I'm glad you found another crafty outlet.


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