Tuesday, February 14, 2012

so it's Valentines Day.....

....and it started off GREAT! I was flying high! Thinking....this is a GREAT DAY! I went to the gym, did over an hour of cardio, burned a gazillion calories (thinking of that Italian Mac and Cheese I was gonna make for dinner....LOL)....even went and bought flowers for myself
(pretty eh??? i actually had a dream that I should have a dozen red and a dozen pink...so that is what I bought! they smell AMAZING!)
So I get home, put them in water, throw in a load of laundry, and decide to take some time to myself and sit down at my craft table. And then I found it. The letter. Long story short, it made me feel awful. Then, it got worse. and worse. To the point I was highly tempted to dip into the case of beer in the fridge. Then I remembered.....wait! I have xanax! Much less calories! So here I sit in my xanax induced state trying to feel better and reflect on everything.
I did manage to create something today....all I could think of all day were my friends, I wanted so badly for all of them to have a better day than I was having. Thought, if just one of them could call me and tell me about some fabulous romantic thing that happened to them, it would make it all better for me. So I made a friend card today, found a sketch on Waltzing Mouse Sketch Challenge Blog, and went to town....best I could in my state. LOL.

So yeah...that was my Valentine's Day. It is what it is right? Better days are coming....I just have to keep reminding myself. It is just very difficult now.


  1. Hugs to you Traci!!! Your card is beautiful, even if you were in a "state" when you made it!!

  2. Oh my friend - I'm sorry. :( Sending you a giant hug.

  3. This is a lovely card, Traci! I just love the rustic feel with the warm browns, the woodgrain, and the sparkly butterfly. Love how you added the ribbon with the cut edges. And CHEERS to you for treating yourself to those gorgeous roses :) Thanks so much for playing along with the WMSC this week!

  4. Love the rustic feel to this beauty...
    the earth tones are fabulous!
    Such a beautiful card...
    thanks so much for playing with us at WMSC!
    And I hope today is a much better day for you.

  5. this is gorgeous...luv those flowers too...hope your day is fabulous!

    enjoy *~*

  6. I really like this card. It has a lot of action and texture and the stamping is a bit wild and rustic. Those roses are gorgeous! Breathe in the scent and allow yourself to be happy!

  7. Love the card {and the flowers}. Hope you're feeling better soon!


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