Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Too much of a good thing???

Is there such a thing??? Is it possible??? Well...if it is, I'm getting close to that point ;) In the past week, I've had an overload of all things BRIAN! (yes, I'm about to gush over my favorite driver again!) Last week sometime, he randomly tweeted about some 'special talent' of his that toyota racing had videod and taken pictures of.....hmmm...this had me intrigued. Never did I imagine what I was going to see when the link popped up though....oh wow! Check this out, Brian is ummmmm yeah....talented!

(i don't know how to embed the actual video, they put it on facebook, not utube...but HERE is the link)

This video had me staring at my computer for a while...pressing play over and over and over....we don't even have to go into what was going through my mind ;)

Shortly after the video was posted, this photo came next....WOW!

wow he must have a TON of upper body strength...this is amazing!

So if that wasn't enough to turn a ton of my focus onto Brian lately....today there was a package left by the big brown truck on my doorstep. It was from Brian ;) I had won a trivia contest he had on twitter a few weeks ago, and this was my prize. I thought I was getting an autographed visor from him, and couldn't imagine why it needed such a big box. When I opened it, this is what was inside:


yeah...it's a visor alright...but not the kind i was expecting! i thought he was sending me one to wear, i have alot of visors, that i like to wear to the track, but THIS is even BETTER! It is the visor portion of Brian's helmet! And...it is one he actually wore while racing ;) O-M-G right??? i love this...it is fabulous! My new prized possession! I feel like I need to build a shrine around it...LOL! Brian is the best ;) It makes me happy to be a fan of the most awesome driver ever! *sigh*
just a few short weeks until racing starts again....oh i can't wait! go Brian!!

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  1. Wow!!!!! What a great prize... and what an awesome talent he has. Not to mention that he is damn sexy! LOL, don't worry, I know he is yours!


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