Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tags to's 1 and 4

So I finally went back and tackled day was just so complex looking and overwhelming!!! is my day 1:


and here is Tim's 12 tags, Day 1:

And here is my Day 4...which I also skipped...this has got to be the least favorite one I have done...Tim's looks amazing...mine...not so much lol:

and here is Tim's 12 tags, Day 4...much nicer than my humble attempt!!!

I hope I can get caught up soon, i've really fallen behind now!! thanks for stopping by ;)

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  1. well hun i think you have done an amazing job i really do these are just brilliant takes on tims,we all have to do our own as not many of us have all his stuff,and I really love yours hun,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx


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