Sunday, November 8, 2009

it can't all be sunshine and rainbows....

So, I just got back from my yearly Talladega camping trip this week. Under normal circumstances, I would have had a post up almost immediatly, with all sorts of fun pictures and stories, and talking about what a great time I had......
This was not normal circumstances. We pulled in on Thursday afternoon to a mudpit. Not good at all. And, it just got worse. Rained cats and dogs on friday night, making our mudpit more of a was cold, muddy, rainy....downright miserable! It was so cold, that I couldn't even THINK about putting a cold beer into my body! If you know know that is bad! So...anyways...I may or may not post about my hell-ish weekend..but for now.....take a gander at my MUD-PIT!!! I felt the need to scrap it for some reason. And it is actually for 2 challenges as well! If you haven't checked out the Shoe this week, we have a rockin' color challenge for, kreme, and kraft! Just so fitting to scrap my And then, I found an awesome sketch on sketchy mudpit has come in handy for something!

sketchy thursdays fabulous sketch:

Thanks for stopping by today! hoping to get back into my scrappy groove soon and have more to share!!


  1. You took that background spattering very literally didn't you. Great fun layout.

  2. LOL...Tracey that is just to funny!! Your mud pit made a great LO!! :-)

  3. Oh my word I love this page lol! The pig...the cute!!!
    Jennifer C. Sketchy Thursdays dt

  4. Wow, I love it!! The mud was so worth it just for this page! lol

    Thanks for playing :o)

    Amanda x
    Sketchy Thursdays DT

  5. So very COOL!!! Love the mud slingin'! Great page, girl! Thanks for playing with us!!
    -Diana, Sketchy Thursdays founder

  6. i just love this! heeheehee...little piggies!

  7. Love it! Almost makes dealing with it worth the hassle :)

  8. Love the lo. Feel for you losing your weekend to the mud!

  9. The sketch is PERFECT for your layout!! Love it! (Sorry it's about a less-than-ideal subject!) Thanks for playing along with us!!

    Heidi, Sketchy Thursdays


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