Saturday, October 3, 2009

World Cardmaking Day! (take 1!)

So turns out, today is World Cardmaking Day! Who knew eh? The reason I am behind the times on this is that normally, I would be at Talladega this weekend drooling over Michael Waltrip, and partying my ass off! I have done this for the past like 5 yrs, so....I always seem to miss this major holiday! WEll...Talladega realized this, and decided to move the race to the end of October instead, so here I am with a major cardmaking holiday that I nearly missed! What to do....but make cards!!! Before I go on, I must mention that most of the design team over at If the Shoe fits....SCRAP IT! is celebrating sure to go there for a list of links to all of our never know what you might find! Some of us have a sweet tooth for CANDY! And now, onto phase one of my cardmaking frenzy of World Cardmaking Day! Here are 2 cards I made to kick off the occasion! The first one is for my very special niece Makayla on her 3rd birthday...happy birthday Makayla!!! Wish I could be there!!! And the second one is a random Christmas card as I play around with my new CTMH stamps deciding what I am going to make for our Christmas cardmaking event in 2 weeks!

Thanks for stoppingn by NOW...but be sure to stay tuned as I am one that DOES have a sweet tooth and I can pretty much promise you there will be some candy before teh day's end! Y'all come now y'hear!


  1. I love those cards lady!!!!!!! Did you scrap last night!??!! hopefully I will get to tiday, I had to work, and i am still here! Boo!


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