Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Highlights from Richmond.....some already scrapped!!!

I know, it has taken me forever to get up my pics from my fabulous race weekend! BUT! Man! That weekend took the life out of me! Anyways.....it was a fabulous time! Me and my mother in law went up to the track on Friday and attended all the show tapings...FUN! FINALLY got to see DW, and he nodded at me, which was awesome! Took some great pics while there....it was a wonderful day! On the way out of the track....we stopped to buy new tshirts for the kids...and saw the sign....Kasey Kahne signing autographs the next day...well...right then and there I knew I had to get up really early to make sure I got a ticket so Alexis (and me!) could meet Kasey! So...raceday for me began at 4am.....I got up, drove to the track (alone!) and got to his trailer at 6:30am , and yes, I was first in line! Waited til 9am and got my ticket to meet kasey.....then managed to be first in line to get a ticket to meet David Reutimann as well...how cool eh?? Later in the day the rest of the family arrived and we had a great time tailgating in the rain in the parking lot! When the time came, we went over to meet Kasey and David....it is kind of a blur it happened so fast, but wow was it worth it! We headed into the track at about 6pm and awaited the green flag. Suprisingly....Alexis LOVED IT! Caitlyn....she went to sleep...LOL!! How do u sleep when u are 3 rows back from the cars?? Close enough to have your hair blowing in the wind as they go by?? Who knows....but she did it somehow. Mikey had an ok day....finished 24th I think, but he WAS on the lead lap! That was a plus! Kyle Busch won...imagine that....it was only a matter of time before I went to a race he won right?? He wins ALOT! Maybe one of these days Mikey will win one for me....a girl can dream!!!
So...on to the pics!!! The first one (the Layout!) is from the ladies over at Simply Scrapping...sketch #22.....be sure to check them out....can't help but to find some motivation over there!!

My Layout of meeting Kasey Kahne

Brian Vickers anyone??


Me and my girls tailgating!

meeting david Reutimann! this was awesome! go MWR!

Me and Alexis at the race!

go Mikey!

2 excited little girls!

caitlyn sleeping during the race!

kyle busch wins!


  1. Tracey that layout is awesome! Love the pics of the girlies. They look sooooo excited.

  2. Layout totally rocks Tracey!! I love the pictures!! Looks like everyone had a blast!!


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