Friday, April 24, 2009

~55~ most FAVORITE number!!! and it is day 55 on 365 cards today! I just saw it as a chance to use that as my title....LOL!!! So....todays challenge (#55!) was to follow a specific 'recipe'. The recipe was: 1 5X5 piece of solid cardstock, 1 4X4 piece of patterned paper, 1 shape (solid in color), 3 jewels, and alpabet stickers. This was not easy!!! I decided to use this opportunity to make a wedding card for a friend who is getting married about waiting til the last minute eh?

on to Day 54: Recycled Elements. Had to use something recycled on this one.....and anyone who knows me, knows I have ALOT of beer caps laying around! This was easy! I just took 3 caps, flipped them over and put patterned paper in them, and some glossy accents, and they looked beautiful! (not that they weren't beautiful before....bud light caps...a beautiful thing!) They made the perfect accents to my tree.......

and last but not least (for now!) Day 53: Fun with Fruit! and back to the booze thing....(seems to be a recurring theme with me!), I had to make a card with WINE! grapes are fruit eh??? Just seemed logical to me!!!

Hope you enjoyed my cards today, I had fun making them over teh past few days! Now I HAVE to talk about the beautiful show I just watched....Michael Waltrip was on Trackside Live tonight. OMG...we all know how much i LOVE him, want to marry him (even though i am already married, a girl can dream!), have his kids, etc.....well....tonight just , well...WOW! He had this whole 5:00 shadow thing going, and man....words can't even describe it......except, I couldn't even scrap while it was on, I just had to STARE at my TV! I cannot WAIT to go to the Race in 1 WEEK! is over now, and I am back to scrapping/cardmaking....hoping to get a few more things done tonight!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!


  1. Hey Tracey,

    Nice job catching up on the challenges!!!

  2. Awesome cards!! I love the tree with the bottle tops. it is perfect!

  3. Ace cards! I love all the texture you use, fab!

  4. You have a great sense of humor - love the comment for recycling and your fruit card. Your friend is going to love such a pretty wedding card!


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