Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!!


Can I just say I am THRILLED that 2012 has finally arrived??! I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime for this year! I am THAT sure it is going to be a great year :) I actually made a list of resolutions too....and put them on a scrapbook page actually! (unfortunately, you will have to wait until the January issue of SNR comes out to see the page! ) Here is the highlights though...
I resolve to:
1. Lose weight and get healthy! This one, I have already started! I have a widget on my sidebar actually tracking my progress ;) And i've actually made more progress than that says, the widget only is tracking from when I signed up for I've actually lost about 8lbs more than it says! Gym monday - friday, and watching every single thing I put into my mouth! It is working! I also credit being happy....I truly believe that your mood affects your weight. Being depressed for years I think helped me get so fat to begin that I have a positive happy attitude...the weight is melting off ! Check me out...taken on vacation in Florida last week:

2. Be a better mom to my children. With the pending divorce, they will need me even more than ever. I am making even more time for them and enjoying every second I have with them! They are the most important things in my life!

3. Find my FREEDOM! This is a work in progress...alot of factors involved here. In order to do what is best for the children, I have to be a little more patient here. Patience has never been my strong suit! I am working on it....eventually I will be free, and it will be well worth the wait I am sure!

4. Find the courage to ask for what I want. This one is complicated. I'll just have to leave it at that....I need to find some real courage for thsi one though, trust me!!!

Last year, I resolved to cut out all negativity in my life. That worked out ok....for a while. As the year went on, I realized , I may have cut out some important people in my life. By years end, I reached out to each and every one of them, and have mended most of the relationships. For this, I am greatful. For the ones that didn't accept me back, well that's ok. Maybe it is better this way. I'm not losing any sleep anymore, I did what I could and reached out. That's all I can do. I've made alot of new friends this past year and am thankful for every one of them! I feel like I have a GREAT support system, and have developed some strong relationships that I hope will last a lifetime!

I was gonna vent a little about something too in this post, but think instead I will end with something positive instead. This is a piano piece that I recently had the pleasure of becoming familiar is beautiful. I listen to it almost every day. I close my eyes and even have this silly fantasy that plays out in my head when I listen to it ;) Enjoy! And Happy New Year !!!


  1. Happy New Year crazy lady!!!!
    Keep strong thru this year... it will be amazing!

  2. oh hun really wish you a very happy,and healthy new year sure you will achieve all your goals know what you mean about depression hun its so hard but stay strong you have 2 beautiful daughters, here's to 2012 hugs cherylxxx

  3. Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your resolutions! I love them all and am sure you can accomplish anything you put your mind to!

  4. What a great attitude to have!!! I know that you will accomplish everything you set out to do with that attitude! Hope you have a great year!!


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