Saturday, December 26, 2009

My new fav thing....Life Stories by My Minds Eye!

Yes...I have fallen in love with a line of's true. Here is how it came about.....I am on the design team for my local scrapbook store, All About Scrapbooks in the lovely Chesapeake, VA. My assignment for January is a Vintage Mini-album. So....when I went to the store to pick out my materials, I asked Tara, the product goddess of the store...what do I NEED to make this album??? She immediately, without hesitation, pointed me to My Mind's Eye Life Stories. I didn't even look at it very well, just trusted her (she is all knowing on this sort of thing!), grabbed both packs (it came in Lavendar Plaid and Green Plaid) and went with it. As I was checking out, I discovered the neat little journalling cards that went with the line, yeah...I grabbed one of every one of those too! Oh...the actual mini album I bought was by Maya is a binder style mini album with fun envelopes in it as well! Some Prima roses and American Crafts Thickers may have found their way into my basket as well....LOL!
After the madness of Christmas card making, I remembered...oh yeah! I have an entire mini album to make! ACK! This is when I opened the Life Storiespaper packs.....WOW! Mindblowing! This line is amazing! I quickly realized that this was going to easier than I thought, thanks to this amazing paper pack! It is chock full of journalling prompts that just make it easy peasy to do just about anything with minimal thought process! And since I was on a time crunch...this worked! As I got started, I decided the album would be a 2009 year in review, and a gift for my dad. He had asked me to compile the pictures from the year and give them to what better way? As I got further into the album, it occured to me that I was going to have to PART with this! I am 99% sure that I will probably go and repurchase all the same I am in love with this album! I'm thinking it won't take as long the second time around right? I've already done the creative process of thinking it up!
So what did I come up with? Take My Mind's Eye Life Stories (the whole kit and kaboodle!), prima flowers, American Crafts Thickers, add in Tim Holtz (it is a vintage album....gotta have some vintage photo distress ink, and GRUNGE!), and add it to a Maya Road album...and this is what you get! (yes, there are 19 photo's, and i SUCK at photography...I have not done this album justice with my camera!)

So what do you think??? Do you think my dad will like it?? I hope the store does too! Each of teh envelopes has even more fun pics from each quarter of the year for my those envelopes! The only thing I have to worry about now is that the store won't have any more of this fab paper in stock!
Thanks for stopping by! Let me know what you think...I am truly excited about this album!


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