Sunday, July 12, 2009

they like me, they REALLY LIKE ME!

and the award goes to....ME! Imagine my suprise when I finally logged onto my blog today to find that not one, but THREE of my fabulous friends have given me this award! So....thankyou to Jill, Amy and Celina for making me feel loved! Now for the rules of my accepting this award! Nominate 7 other well deserving bloggers, and then post 7 things about myself that you may not know! are my nominees for this award

1. my bff Lesley from Scrap-a-daisy. What can i say? we have been friends for um....11 years now! Love ya girl!

2. Kristy from My Corner of the Studio. A new found friend, who is the queen of negative space LO's! I so want to be able to create like you!!!

3. Adina from According to Jane Austen.... Another new friend who well, is one of the most generous people I know!

4. Karmyn from The Chronicles of Orange. What to say about Karmyn...hmm....always cheers me up when I'm feeling blue, with her hysterically funny emoticons! ha ha!!!!!

5. Tanisha from Life's Simple Pleasures. an internet turned real life friend! how cool is that? i'm so glad u transferred here!!! there is a dvd with our name on it coming out soon!!!

6. Tammy from Scrappy mom of 2 Boys. another internet turned real life friend! isn't the internet great??? Glad we got together!

7. Judith from Silly Scrapper....for always being there to remind me to put on my big girl panties and DEAL!!! ha ha!!! for 7 facts about me....this is tough...

1. I love to cook! yes....i really do love cooking! I watch the food network and strive to replicate their stuff in my own kitchen. Sometimes I actually succeed!

2. I have a degree in Chemistry. Yes...I am technically a chemist! I worked in a pharmaceutical company before I had Alexis...shocking...i know, i have half a brain in my head!

3. I have turned into a VH-1 trashy tv junkie! I blame Lesley for this...but I tune into all the trashiest shows every week!

4. I LOVE scary movies! the scarier the better!!! Most of the time, they aren't scary enough for me....only a few really scare the crap out of,the poltergeist movies, they were good scary movies!

5. I love reading Patricial Cornwell books. I love Kay Scarpetta..feel like i know her and all the other characters!

6. I love gardening. And as soon as we move into a house that doesn't have a million pine trees in it, I can garden again! I miss my gardens in pittsburgh....

7. this is a shocker, i know, and i hate to even admit this...but...i am a closet jimmie johnson fan! ack! i know! something about him...he is just so HOT! I find myself switching to his channel on my scanner when mikey wrecks, or is just complaining about the car too much....i even cheer for jimmie to win! (only when i'm sure mikey doesn't have a chance to win, but still!) sad, but true! ssshhh! don't tell MW!

ok...that's it! i hope everyone will pass this award around! and thanks again to celina, jill and amy!!!

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