Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ever have one of those days????

**warning! adult language!**
Have you ever had one of those days where you just feel like sitting and crying? Where everything just seems to agitate you, no matter how small it is??? Well...this is one of those days. I got so agitated over a few things today, that I got MAD. Then I start thinking of all the things that just really piss me off, and why in the HELL do I have to deal with this shit??? So...I decided it is time to vent. And truly, this is just one of my problems....which is sad. My husband. He is the messiest person I know. Seriously. Sometimes I think I am messy and lazy, but my laziness pales in comparison to him. He has no clue what a clothes hamper is, or garbage can...or ashtray. NO CLUE. You can show him, and tell him, or ask him nicely to please use these things.....but.....maybe he doesn't speak english either, I don't know. I think the XBOX has fried his brain or something....
Want to see what I live with??? Beware, it ain't pretty.....

my bedroom...makes it real tough to make teh bed when I have to trudge through this mess everyday, i used to pick it up everyday for him. Then I decided...screw it! If he doesn't want to put his clohtes in the hamper, they won't get washed. SADLY...the basket sitting there? Well...one day he was forced to wash his clothes...so he did...and then, he never put them away! So now, all the clean clothes (still in basket) have gotten mixed with the dirty! EEEWWWW!!! what a mess! pisses me off.

Part 2 of my poor bedroom: the dresser where the xbox sits. ahhhhh.....teh glorious xbox. And look at all the company it has! Cans and bottles everywhere! Is it really that tough to put it in the garbage can?? (which, is right next to the dresser!!!) The best part, this is not even that BAD! He was forced to clean them up the other day when he ran out of ROOM!!!!! Normally, you will see no gaps!

And now for the best (WORST!) part of all, my back porch. Where he goes to smoke (which he does ALOT on breaks from xbox). I am pretty sure they invented ashtrays for a reason right??? To put your ashes in??? And butts??? Well, this too has eluded my husband. This is what I get to walk through to go outside everyday. Let me tell you..I HATE THIS! And this too, isn't even the worst it has ever been! It has been MUCH MUCH WORSE! If i had waited like a week to get mad and need to vent, it would be WAY WORSE. He never cleans this up! NEVER! But, if I say something to him, or if I start to clean it up, which inevitably, I will (don't worry, i take a shower when I am done, get all the ashes off me!) he says to me "sweetie? why are you cleaning that? I would have done it!" I always hear that, yet, he never does it. And, here is the kicker here. My mom just came down a little bit ago and witnessed all this. She called me up the other day and told me this. "Tracey, I think you need to clean that up all the time. He works, and you stay home, so, I think you should clean it. If you cleaned it every day, it wouldn't be so bad....." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???????? Why in the HELL should I have to clean an ashy cigarette mess when I don't smoke?????

Maybe I have lost my mind. Maybe everyone deals with this...do they? Do you??? I am losing it here...seriously! Ever wonder why you find me on teh computer so much????? To escape from reality!!!!! ACK! Ok......venting over. Sorry but I had to do it. If I have offended anyone...sorry.
Now back to reality....ugh.


  1. Ewwwww! the ciggarette butt thing...thats just freaking nasty!! NO you shouldnt have to clean it..you need to tell your mom to shove it. Just because he works doesnt mean he can leave rediculous messes for you to clean up after him! EWWW! Oh I hate when George does something like this. Next time he leaves 4 bags of garbage by the back door I will take a picture for ya...And Georges side of the bed looks JUST like your hubbys. With the exception of cans and dishes-I put a dirty bowl with 10 day old cereal in it on his side of the bed and he sat in it. Never left a dish in our room again :O) I hope things get better with your husbands slobbiness! Sorry you are having a suckish day!!

  2. *hugs*
    you need a big hug
    i go thru the same shit... not as bad but you know how it is to be a video game widow... damn wows! but the hubs works hard so i guess it's okay... or more like i haven't snaped yet bhahahahaaa

  3. Wow! Your a very tolerating woman. My fiance has an xbox. I think it fries their brains but he knows if he doesnt clean up his mess hes in deep s_ _t! I would accidently knock over one of those cans on the xbox just to prove a point . mean yes but this is terrible. You must be soo sweet not to hit him over the head with the controller. hahah

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  5. I feel your pain! Most men just aren't concerned about a clean home until company comes over. I'd invite guests over without telling him, it might shock him into some common sense if they walk in and see how he lives!They may even comment about it, which could hopefully embarrass him! I would NEVER EVER clean up after a smoker! It's a disgusting habit and he's going to set the house on fire one day by dousing his ciggies in a cardboard box! Been there/lived through it! Ask Mom if her SIL left that smelly mess on HER back porch if she'd feel obligated to clean up after him as easily as she expects you to!! I'd definitely ignore that bad advice!
    I'd be heading to the nearest pub to watch nascar on tv and leave hubby home alone with the Xbox :)

  6. Tracey I can totally understand where you are coming from. My hubby's side of the bed looks the same if not worse. I decided once not to wash his clothes anymore to see how long he would go before he finally did it himself. Well he didn't he started wearing his dirty jeans and went to wally world and bought some new underwear. =( I gave in and washed them but I still let his side of the bed pile up just to make him have to climb over it to get into bed. I really don't think it bothers him though.

  7. OMG!! How did you get a picture of my bedroom!!! lol!! That is how our room is too. On my hubby's side of the bed!! My side looks all straight with no trash, but his is just nasty. I use to clean it up too, then I figured out that he left it so that I WOULD clean it up. So now I leave it!! He always cleans it about once a month!! EWWWWWW!!! And Xbox DOES fry their brains!! (But our Xbox died yesterday!! And amazingly my hubby got lots done around the house because he had nothing else to do!)
    I feel your pain. If you ever figure out how to fix the problem, please let me know and I will do the same!!!
    Hugs girl!!!

  8. G I got lucky I guess. My ex smoked out in the garage but put his buts in a coffee can or my cig but can i bought at a craft show. He would leave his clothes on the floor just like all men do but when it came to the living rm he wanted it clean not messy or cluttered. Same w/ the kitchen counter he hated it when i wouldn't leave rm for anything cause of clutter. Thank got he wasn't a video game maniac like urs all seam to b. Mine was just always in his office watching his shows & on his comp while I was watching my shows & on my comp in the living rm. It got to the point where he would goto bed b4 me n either b snoring or start snoring so i goto sleep in the other bed room or i'd wake him up to make him stop snoring n make him go sleep in the other rm. That's what became of my 10 yr marriage. Now I have noone to bitch abt. So my only advice would be to hide the controller when u can lol. or even better the x box lol. Lie N tell him it's broke it fell off the counter n broke LOL. Good Luck! As far as the clothes u tell him flat out if he wants them washed they have to be put in the hamper casue u don't know whats dirty or clean or u tell him hey im doing jeans bring me all ur dirty jeans, but also treat them like a kid casue that all they really are lol. Tell them don't come cryin to me when u don't have any clothes to wear & DON'T U DARE buy any new ones! your not there maid n they don't pay u to do the laundry or the dishes! If they want to pay some one to wash there clothes more power to them!


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