Wednesday, February 25, 2009

66 days....

til richmond!!! oh yeah...that is right...bought my tickets today to the crown royal 400 on May 2! Spectacular! I can't wait! And.....this may sound crazy....but we are taking the kids! Yes...Alexis and Caitlyn will be attending their very first race in 66 days. It is my husbands dad's birthday that day, so we are taking the grandparents too! And of course, Buddy and friend will be joining us. I will be counting down the days til i get to take in the view of the track again, and smell the exhaust as the cars race by... The anticipation is the worst part! Will mine and Mikey's paths cross again at Richmond? Or will I have to wait til talladega? The not knowing is the WORST!!!!! Either way...i have my ticket and I'm ready to go to the races!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! and you guys are taking the kids?!!!!!that rocks!!!!!!!! you will have quite the crowd that weekend!!! total bonus! sounds like then that my counter should say 73 days as my race is the week after!!!!!
    fab little blog you have here btw!

  2. YAY! I hope you have fun! Your banner rocks BTW!


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