Sunday, April 18, 2010

vote for the Lollipop Guild...week 4!


HERE IS THE LINK TO OUR CARD Please coem vote for us...we have zero votes! I think our entry by Lesley this week is fabulous!!! We need you to vote for us or this will be the end of the road!!!
If you haven't registered to vote yet, HERE IS THE INSTRUCTIONS TO DO SO. THEN....once you have received your email and clicked the link back into the gallery, you will then have to LOGIN before you can vote. voting consists of leaving a comment on our card!!! This week, they are only alllowing ONE VOTE PER PERSON! So please please PLEASE take teh time to vote for us! We were having tech difficulties again getting the photo to load, but les got it to load finally! My link goes to the one that opens correctly!!! We are behind by half a day though now since this just got up now! Please Please take a few minutes and vote for us! we are very greatly appreciative!!! Thanks!


  1. This is AWESOME!!! Way to go Lesley!!! I love you girls and am so proud to be part of "The Guild" :)


  2. This is super cute!! I totally voted for you!!


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